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•VIZIO E-Series – 40″ Class – LED – 1080p – Smart – HDTV – Full Review



  1. e40-c2 service menu ????

  2. lito Rodriguez-Decou

    does this tv have game mode

  3. This smart TV is on sale for 200.00 dollars right now. Thanks for the review.

  4. Buying this for my bday. I cannot wait!

  5. Gotta luv that "jahoo" ;)

  6. roysstrangevideos

    How does it look as a Computer Monitor

  7. Jonathan Serrano

    he says 2 hdmi ports on the side but its only one he didnt see it and thought it was 2 hdmi

  8. Hows the picture quality

  9. very good review

  10. so this one does have 3 hdmi but other websites said there was only 2 even Vizio said 2 on their site as well.

  11. get rid of that music…

  12. this TV does not have 120Hz it's 60HZ

  13. AbortedEvolution

    very thorough. thanks

  14. hey +korguenkomodo should i get a 32in or 40. I mostly watch movies and play video games on my tv, what do you think? Is 32 too small….

  15. Just ordered this off amazon since its Cyber Monday week Thanks for the review :D

  16. Is there a way to download different apps that isn't available in the app store? I want to download HBO on demand app

  17. Thanks for a very straight forward review . Makes it a lot easier to decide if a product is good or not . I think I found my TV lol.

  18. How's the tv running now

  19. Hello I just got a Vizio 60inch E600i-B3 and my TV keep cutting off and I have to turn it back on,one I just turn the TV on and it gone off again,so when I try to turn it on again the TV wouldn't come on.I try everything in the book,unplugging, hard setting, etc. Please help,Thanks!

  20. Great video, very informative

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