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$1,400 Seiki Ultra-HD TV review | Consumer Reports



  1. I disagree, picked up a Seiki 55UY04 and the picture looked lightyears beyond 1080p, noticed a drastic difference right on the idle screen of a cheap Samsung BluRay player (without even scrutinizing the image). Image looked ultra sharp & smooth and made 1080p look like an 8bit Nintendo so naturally my initial reaction was "holy shit", coming from someone that owned 3 Samsung's in a row. Sears has em at $849 right now.

  2. Christian Malazarte


    There is one problem with this assessment. Unless you have a set in access of 100 inches or plan on sitting two feet from your screen. The difference is likely not going to be enough to warrant the premium price you will be paying for it. The two areas where 4K makes since though is in projection screens and 3D passive displays. That might be worth it's price tag if you put a premium on 3D content which I don't. OLED seems to be the better technology but not the 10 15 25K prices many are asking for them. Unless it was a 90 inch screen in a dedicated home theater I won't even consider paying these prices.

  4. They lie. Anything that up converts will loose quality. The TV is not mediocre. Up Convert is essentially the same as digital zoom on a digital camera.

  5. At under $1000 for a 50" question is can you find a better performing 1080p tv.

  6. I dont think it has wifi, its basically a straight monitor with high resolution. think vizio simplicity before they went "smart tv"

  7. If they didn't like the sharpening, why didn't they turn it off?

  8. even worse, computers work essentially better with very high refresh rates, 60~120, while this TV's maximum refresh rate is 30, and at 30hz the pc experience will not be so good.

  9. The 50 inch is on Amazon right now for less than $1,000. They have a 39 inch one with the same resolution for $699. People have said these make good computer monitors, unless you want it for playing high frame rate video games. In 1080P mode it will only handle 30HZ. I am just getting started at trading in the stock market when I have free time. I'm planning to buy a 39 inch one and use it to display some of the stock market charts.

  10. Are these issues specific to this Seiki TV, or are they indicative of 4KTVs in general right now? Would the more expensive sets from major brands like Sony and Samsung have better video processing or upscaling?

  11. I "Disagree with Consumer Reports now , Why? Remember the 4K 8.2 MegaPixel Ultra-High Difinition SEIKO UHD T.V. is only $1400 Dollars at 3840 x 2160progressive images.Using a 1.4 Class HDMI Digital Cable & an Up-converting Blu-Ray or Violet-Ray Player with 1.4 Class HDMI-UpConvergence of Blu-Ray Disc Movie content to near 4K SEIKO Ultra-HDTVs you get way more"Resolution than a 1080p T.V.+Smooth Motion at 120 Hertz or 240 Hertz.1080p can only display 1920x1080p vs. 3840x2160p SEIKO Resolutions!!

  12. well Seiki is not even a good brand, it's a value brand. way different comparison than Sony 4k.

  13. i was hoping to hear you mentioning if the TV has built in WiFi and if it does .. how good or how is it ? also one more thing .. if you turn off the TV facing light .. it will show what kind of screen type does it have .. some screens very shiny that .. they reflect lights like a mirror and that is annoying in order to have pure picture you have to close the curtains and make sure it is dark room.

  14. Since your PC can push graphics pixel resolution pretty high, maybe, but seriously you can get better smaller LCD monitors with 3D for computers. That way if your girlfriend can't stand 3d movies you can still watch them in front of your computer.

  15. Cnet rated this tv as a NO BUY model. I'd wait or get a 4k Projector, easier to put a huge screen away then have a giant piece of glass taking up space when you're not using it.

  16. The asus monitor mentioned is actually 31.5 inch its price has now been confirmed at 4 grand

  17. And asus announced a 35" 4k monitor to come out some time at the end of the month no price announced yet

  18. A $299 4k media player from nanotech is supposed to release on july 15th!!!!!

  19. Wait for a panel with DisplayPort 1.2 (60Hz capable at 4K) to buy one of these new Quad-HD/4K panels instead of driving four different 1080p LCDs. 120Hz only works at 1080p resolution, and 200Hz at 720Hz – this has been confirmed by multiple buyers of these new LCD's on multiple tech forums and youtube.

  20. realistic action full 2160p games will appear to blur or skip frames. console games that display at 1080p will look great running at 120Hz. this flaw is also true of the Sony XBR-55X900A XBR-65X900A XBR-84X900A, because the fastest I/O port to your GPU on all of these models is still a single old 1.4 HDMI port.

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