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$1500 Seiki 4K HDTV Review! Sony 4K Media Player Fail. New Iron Man Blu-rays!



  1. This guy is clearly thinking Xbox and ps can game at 4k 

  2. Excellent show. Happy to subscribe.

  3. How did you get it to accept 120hz on 1080p? I've tried through the nvidia control panel and its a nogo

  4. Why are Patrick's elbows so ashy?

  5. i dont want Smart TV's.i want companies to give us the option!my ps4 and ps3 do exactly what a smart tv does or well everything i want.you can get an apple tv and an hdtv for less than a smart tv.stop forcing it!

  6. WHAT IS SO BAD ABOUT IRON MAN 2? I LOVED THAT MOVIE!!!! It really wasn't bad…

  7. Damn it… I don't have any thing in 4K yet, and I want to use this for gaming but NOT on PC, but I still think I should get this tv because I know I can afford it and its going to be better than my Quantum View 39" 1080p 60hz TV, but I'm scared of that 30fps/Hz rate, but I went back and played Halo 4 for a little while (since I know it's 30 FPS, and needed to play it a while for myself just to make sure it's even playable), and it's playable but is definitely no comparison/contest to when I then played COD: Ghosts at 60fps, it makes it seem not worth it for quality reasons to switch to 30fps, but I'm thinking since its THAT good of a quality (2160p), that it might just be reasonable considering I've never seen it before, and it's amazingly good, and that 30fps isn't UNPLAYABLE. But I don't know if its enough to keep up that REAL feeling no matter how many pixels are thrown on that screen due to slowness in the motion.. But idk, it seems like a good buy for the use of 1080p, at double my refresh rate (60hz/FPS), and 13" added to the size I was already impressed with, and the fact that its still POSSIBLE even though so highly unlikely, that there will be a firmware update for the use of 60hz/FPS on 4K resolution. In all it's "Affordable", compared to everything else that is impossible with its price, and I wanted it for summer time D; , but it seems smart to stay away from it if it doesn't get the job done overall to get that "real" feeling. But if it is good enough for video, that's 50% perfect of what I'm looking for, plus about 20% with the current 1080p equipment that I own, so 70% positive, but I feel like I well end up frustrated with its framerate in the future, so I know that 70% will drop to 0% (or negative), so it's a hard decision, I really want to see 4K soon, and the reason it's so unaffordable is because I'm a 14 year old xD. I'm selling all my Xbox 360s and my Wii to get an Xbox One, but that can't even use 4K. xD but I'll NEVER have $6000 to throw down on a "Gaming PC".. So what the hell!

  8. http://www.ntek.com

    Nuvola NP-1 4K Streaming Device – works on ANY 4K tv.  Streams native 4K as low as 6mbps.  Won (2) awards, debuted at CES 2014.  UltraFlix channel released Superbowl Sunday 2014.  SONY device doesn't stream.  Oh, and it's only $299.

  9. on a product that is new to consumers why would you give away your advantage and innovations away? kudos to sony for being ahead of the curve

  10. We hate bloatware on our phones so why should we have bloatware on our TV! Reminds me of when I got my Toshiba Regza $200 less then the same model with the Full HD on the box. It does Full HD on the cheaper model as long as you used the HDMI input. Most people did not know this and spent $200 more for a box with Full HD written on it.

  11. Ultra Wide tvs are more exciting than the curved crap. Much more like cinema wide. LG already has a Laser TV out it uses a Laser Projector 12 inches away from the screen for get this only $8,000 USD!

  12. Adrenaline Junkie

    So, this wont work for gaming? Im confused as hell to be honest. They said it wont run well trying to run games at 4K upscale but then say itll run games fine at 1080/120. So, can you change what you want to run things at by programing the tv or what?

  13. why do they use false advertisment saying it is 120hz, I almost suckered into buying one on amazon. So glad I didn't.. What a scam.

  14. The 39" is sold by Tiger Direct for $500. For blackfriday…

  15. I've downloaded that bee keeper's clip and the dimension is true 4k or 4096×2304.  Not sure if that's true 4k but it's better than Ultra HD. 

  16. I feel much better buying the Seiki 39". Hope it's going to be a beast for desktop and yeah.. I'm going to say it, pr0n! 

  17. Jared Meredith

    HD Nation, the hd talk channel that broadcasts in full……………..720p 😐

  18. HDMI? Pfft! Display Port.

  19. Cleveland Roberts

    when buying a blue ray player or and dvd device does it matter on how much money u spend if u have a good receiver to go with it and a good tv

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