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2 WAYS TO CONNECT PHONES TABLETS TO TV, wire vs wireless review



  1. can i use Chromecast for for an LG G Stylo? or the first one you showed

  2. Gerard Vincent Erad

    Will it bad to the phone and battery because your using while its charging

  3. Delano Samuels

    lie you have a samsung smart tv

  4. sexymommachula

    Does this work for the Samsung Galaxy S6?

  5. don't u need WiFi to use google chrome cast?

  6. Can you hdmi 1or 2

  7. Will it work with a ZTE max

  8. I have a video showing how to plug in the MHL adapter to your phone or tablet… Check it out

  9. is the cromecast work with lg stylo?

  10. never knew thank you very usefull

  11. Gilberto Orenday

    do you have to use the hdmi

  12. still there is no way to avoid that annoying lag.

  13. thanks that's a really good idea I'm going to try it. can you get longer chords like six or seven foot long. just wondering thanks for your videos they're very helpful keep up the good work…👍

  14. Good stuff


  15. will the cable also charge my phone??

  16. nikos moragiannis

    my friend . only one wire?

  17. Guy at Radio Shack tried to sell me $48 of equipment. Told him to screw off. 

  18. i have a galaxy j1

  19. will my phone crashe??

  20. i have a samsung trend plus, will it work on it? or is it just for s3,s4 and s5

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