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2014 VIZIO E241i B1 24 Inch 1080p 60Hz Smart LED HDTV REVIEW



  1. I just want to know can I use a keyboard and use search instead of using the remote which I find slow and annoying.

  2. robert robinson

    how do u ckeck ur news feed on facebook on the tv

  3. Darron Richardson

    Do u have to have a modem box with Internet to use the tv apps

  4. Tamuno-Opubo Cookey-Gam (Cooks)

    Could you recommend a wall brace I could use?

  5. so if have movies on my phn let it do the same ?

  6. Alfredo Pesina

    "just zapped it to the tv" lol love it

  7. O man thanks dude im getting mine this oct 7 cant wait

  8. Connor McDonnell

    is this the size of a computer monitor. Plz reply.

  9. at about 5:30 when I press the button twice, instead of the fullscreen menu my mini menu goes back down.. how do I fix that

  10. Schindlers Fist

    Can you move the screen up and down with the stand attatched? 

  11. Can I use skype???

  12. kaceytrain 9000

    24 inches is so small for a television my computer monitor is 30 inches..

  13. nice tv set..but i cant find this brand in my country

  14. is it still working?

  15. Need a Screen for this model any one have a good one? or where i can get one vizio don't offer replacment screens. They aka vizio told me buy new tv. money hungry bastards.

  16. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP does this work like a normal tv where you can plug an xbox one in through HDMI ports and easily play, or to do that would I have to buy a separate component to display the console? Thanks!

  17. thanks for the review, i just bought this model to use as a monitor for my mac mini, it will work, thanks

  18. How about the WWE NETWORK APP

  19. How far are you from your WiFi router? 

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