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2015 Seiki 42″ 4K 60Hz TV (SE42UGT) Thoughts and Impressions



  1. Great review! I would like to know how is the tv after having it for a while? Has anyone ran into any problems or have things worked out fairly smooth? I'm strongly considering purchasing it.

  2. would a ps4 lag on it? i know the price is pretty good.

  3. Honestly I think the input lag you are getting is from your internet connection. Signal has to go from the steambox, to your router, and then to your Tv.

    Try to run a game directly from your PC (with enough good components) and then see if the lag stays.

  4. Click Menu, Settings, System, Other Settings, and change the HDMI EDID from 1.4 to 2.0 and BOOM 4k 60HZ for PCs and Steam Machines! I had the same input lag problem on mine till I changed It to HDMI 2.0 Manually. Also you need to change the picture mode to PC or Game. I forget which one it is, pretty sure it's PC.

  5. is this tv is really 4k and is good for ps4 o xbox one

  6. How is the performance? Does the tv worth the price? this is about 300 bucks?

  7. did you test the previous model on a desktop?

  8. If I plug in my ps4 will it have lag?

  9. I just bought this tv so i hope it was a good choice lol. whats your opinion now being a couple of months owning it now ? and advice for setting for gaming ill be using it on a pc with a gtx970 with hdmi 2.0

  10. You hit a home run with this video , thanks

  11. i can't imagine this tv being any good…..

  12. Can you use this as just a cable tv? I have no idea what a shield tv is? Do you have to purchase anything additional to get 4K picture for Comcast Cable? Thanks in advance!

  13. Gonzalo Fernandez


  14. Can they send this tv to spain?

  15. Darkice Presents

    Got mine on Tuesday , Beautiful TV , it does 4k @ 60 with the right cable / card . Also ordered the Seiki U-Vision 4K Up-Conversion HDMI Cable i get it tomorrow !!

  16. The input lag is the shield TV. Other peope had this problem with the shield TV as well

  17. I can use 4k on the built-in Seiki app. You have to go into your Netflix settings and check the option that says how you want to run your picture at all times, I'm assuming yours is on "Auto." You gotta change that to "High" and sign out and back in on your account on the TV, and then boom. 4k on a Seiki.

  18. I'm curious to know the chroma capabilities. I have the SE42UMS (previously reviewed) as a PC monitor w/ lag patch running at 4k 60hz and after some adjustments the lag is under 20ms but the color calibration is not very easy nor is it chroma 4:4:4 capable (it's actually 4:4:2) which does show up some choppy graphics when reds are displayed over blacks, i.e. red text on dark websites, photoshop etc. Hopefully this newer model addresses that. Other than that, yes you gotta have the proper vid card and cable to support hdmi 2.0 to get 4k @ 60hz on a PC folks.

  19. Has any one done a chroma test on this TV? does it do chroma 4 4 4??

  20. Are you using HDMI input/output? The Nvidia shield supports 4k at 60hz. There's too much input lag at 30hz

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