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3 ways to reset TVs, Sharp TV fix review



  1. Mạnh Đăng Ngô Vy

    i have sharp LC-32L400M not detect HDMI 1&2, how to fix it? FW 1.09 1.4 , i want restore factory it now….how i can.

  2. Great Vid!

  3. HEY THERE, i have a similar problem as Leonard McIntosh 2 weeks ago. I have a sharp AQUOS LC 46 LE 830U I purchased in 2011; while watching it it just flickered and went out wouldn't reset and light under sharp logo flashes on and off. no picture no nothing. Please help.

  4. hey man what app u used for that tv because i have no remote

  5. Thanks fer gitin our sharp fixed up man. After bout three attempts at goin thru tv situp the wife and me got ours a goin again. Granddaughter had pushed a bucha butons on remote and locked er up. We have Aquaos LC-70LE734U model, bout 5 yrs old. Thanks again tampatec fer the fix!

  6. Leonard mcintosh

    have a sharp 55in but it wont reset. the sharp loco just keeps flashing on and off

  7. Leonard mcintosh

    in have a question

  8. I have dark spots and little bright white etchings..  how do I fix this

  9. I did fix a lc-70le757u it had a flickering horizontal lines and what I come to is that one of the drivers was burn. There 2 drivers on the left and right. I remove the tab bonding driver. It suprise me it work and tv work again nice image

  10. Tampatec I have a sharp 80inch and it has a horizontal line, but it not as a whole line. From one end to the other it bearly getting to one end of the tv. T-con problem????

  11. MY SHARP MODEL LC32LE240M no power how to fix it?

  12. Harvinder Singh Sunny

    i want to remove off timer from my sharp crt tv, i dont have original remote, help me

  13. Hello I need you advice, I have a led 60 Sharp Aquos LC-60LE660u When its on only works half screen and power off and on the front panel with the standby light it give me a one time flashing, pause, and three more flashing fast, pause, one flashing, pause and three flashing, if anyone have a suggestion what could be… will be great to give some info… Thanks

  14. hey man, my mom's proscan flatscreen TV is a bit messed up. ok so we will have volume and everything, but the picture is fading, and goes in and out, not complete black but will pulse in and out, if you could just reply back if its a simple fix. the warranty already ran out and moms pissed, so I kinda need to try to fix it if it's nothing to serious thank you.

  15. My hdmi port not working due to a storm surge. What should I do to fix it

  16. I work at a TV rental store doing repairs and we get a lot of our sharps back with bad panels.problems such as dark spots and little bright white etchings.. i had them quit buying the aquas models.. being 60 and 70 inch tvs we were losing a lot of time and money..cool video

  17. hey can you make a vid on how to repair an ipad mini screen

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