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40-inch Samsung Smart TV – Unboxing & Review


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  1. Hi..yes it is..I have my Nintendo Wii U connected on this TV..runs very well..thanks for watching

  2. is it good for gaming

  3. Hi..I would return/exchange it if you can..might be a manufacturer's defect or something..its shouldn't be beeping..thanks

  4. Dylan Pennyboards

    i got the tv every couple minutes it makes a beep sound how do i stop it?

  5. This was $499 Canadian at Best Buy..thanks

  6. how much was that

  7. Hi..it has pre-set video settings..I usually go "vivid" quality settings..thanks for watching

  8. attitudeerakid408

    got any good picture settings?

  9. Hi..no cables..you have to buy your video or HDMI cables separately..thanks for watching

  10. What cables did u get in the box?

  11. Hi..I never tried it

  12. it can use use USB for recroding ?

  13. Hi..it's UN40H5203..thanks

  14. what model numper

  15. Awesome..it's been good for me so far..thanks for watching

  16. I've just bought one

  17. Hi..just a screwdriver..thanks for watching

  18. What tools do you need to put the T.V on the Holder? Looks like you used a screw driver.

  19. I believe there is 2 HDMI ports for this TV..thank you

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