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43″ 4K Monitor – Is This TOO BIG for Gaming?



  1. Stanislav Idalgo

    i wanked 4 times to this video…sorry

  2. 60hz refresh rate is not suitable for games smh

  3. So good, Peter Quill. Thank you for the video.

  4. Too big for gaming? Just the opposite, it is too little!

  5. I game on a 46" 1080p tv 😀 And no, it's not laggy

  6. No it’s not…moving on

  7. Such nice White swiss ! got one that is16months old. anyhow… great video as always 🙂

  8. That last shot you took in Battlefield taking the guy off the horse was NICE

  9. Hello, I live in Chiang Mai Thailand. Does the monitor work on 220,240 voltage

  10. blindedby2monkeys

    whoever buys this, you are one motherfucking sick baka!

  11. Royalty Tech Reviews

    Awesome video HardwareCanucks! Just like all your others 🙂 Well Done!

  12. I've been using my LG 42" 3D LED 1080p HDMI fed TV as a monitor for my PC for about five years, it sits approx. half to one metre away (depending whether I lean forward or sit back) at the back of my large desk. My display is starting to look small to me so how the hell is 43" even contemplated as too big, especially if it's 4K. Personally I find any PC display/monitor under 42" offensive. My next monitor will be 4K and either 48", 55" or even possibly 65", but I'm holding out until manufacturers utilise the panel's native 120Hz or 144Hz through a required interface such as Display Port v1.4 upward as most large LED TV's at the moment are crippled with only HDMI v2.0 and I can't consider a proper 4K 120Hz PC monitor because the damn things don't go big enough yet. Size does matter.

  13. I have a 34" wall-mounted monitor and without it being moving back enough it can be too big.

  14. Seems like 40" @ 110 ppi would be better than 43" @ 102.5 ppi? Few comments of needing to sit further back as not to have to move neck around too much? So 40" 4K ideal? Still using this as primary display? Waiting for something with a higher refresh rate too…

  15. Played on a 43 inch monitor (non 4k), and after awhile could not handle it. Headaches, nausea, motion sickness. I was just too close to it. I searched for desks that would allow me to have it further from me, but all my efforts keep bring out bigger desks – not deeper. I could not find a single desk that had the depth that would allow me to place it further away. Had to get rid of the monitor.

  16. Wallpaper link?

  17. I use a 40" 4K TV as a monitor and I had the same problem of it being a bit too in my face. Solution? Wall mount! I gained a foot of distance (3 feet now, instead of just 2) and it's pretty much perfect at %150 scaling.

  18. Awesome video edit on started..

  19. Thank you helped me choose a monitor

  20. Very well put together

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