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48″ Curved LED TV Under 40k ? TCL C48P1FS 48″ Curved LED TV Information & Review with Pro’s & Con’s



  1. The way you explained is far better than Technical guruji. explained all technical specifications very well. seems very easy task for you , however it's not.very well showed. If such videos were available for all products, it would have helped aaaaa lot. Far better than those idiotic unboxing videos. good keep it up. 👍

  2. Does this tv support YouTube playing at 1080p on chromecast or on its app?

  3. Does this TV Looks Too big???

  4. Van nghia Nguyen

    how money ?

  5. nice review

  6. Hi… Could pls tell me in terms of PQ is it better compared to other budget brands including VU, Sanyo etc. ?

  7. Michael Angelo Macapagal

    does it have a netflix app pre-installed or is it available for download?

  8. Saubhadra Badajena

    good review, bro can you please suggest a casting device.

  9. Shiv Kumar Namdeo

    does any smart TV contact printers

  10. Shiv Kumar Namdeo

    does it connect printer.

  11. Don't recommend TCL
    DON'T BUY ANY PRODUCT, AFTER SALE SERVICE VERY BAD, HARASSMENT FULL, MAY I REQUEST YOU PLZ DON'T PURCHASE ANY TCL products, Customer care services are very Careless. No need customers. So why purchase TCL Products?.

  12. tell me how to turn off the light when power off the tv

  13. Thank you for the review I want to buy it but didn't want to risk it without a review.

  14. Will it be a problem for people not sitting in the center?

  15. nice video

  16. Anandgowda777 anand

    Does it works screen mirroring from phone

  17. This TV is good enough in this budget. but you should not forget take additional wireless keyboard.

  18. hello, I m planning to buy a good smart TV, my budget is around 40 k, any suggestions plz…??

  19. is this tv has screen mirror compatble

  20. Technical Inspire

    ur adsense disabled sms me on whatsapp 8800496828

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