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4K UHD TV vs. 1080p HDTV – Side by Side Comparison



  1. You do realise that 4k UHD is a contradiction? 4k is 4096×2160 pixels and UHD is 3840×2160 pixels. Just sayin' is all.

  2. what about for video games?

  3. "4K is gonna go the way of plasma."

    Nope, 1080P and 720P will remain relevant on smaller TVs.

  4. Dark Soul Destroyer

    My tv is lg 55uf6450 does anyone know anything about it

  5. fuck 4K. its too fucking bright and everything looks not real

  6. Thanks fou for the info. Very handy. Think I'm goin w/the 4k UHD this weekend.

  7. Nobody has mentioned how much better Black & White is with the Ultra. (TCM) Way better!

  8. If you waste your money on 4K- your only paying for the technology for the 50 foot wide screens that will be displayed at sporting events…………save your money and let the big pigs pay for that technology. Average people will have less than 60 inch TV's. 4K is just a marketing hype to get people to spend unnecessary money.

  9. Ashraj Dhindsa

    4K and above makes a great choice for computer monitors tho. The screen "real estate" you get with 4K or 5k monitors and above is amazing.

  10. i have a 50" 4k and i have seen an amazing difference. when people say you need a larger tv to tell the difference i really disagree. my apt. would not hold a larger than 50" without it being obtrusive. i have netflix with 4k content and i am amazed at what i see. the colors and detail are amazing. if i stand directly in front of the tv (which no one would ever do) the detail is still impeccable and there is no pixilation, blurred lines or fuzziness. there is a lot of 4k content available on netflix, amazon and especially youtube!

  11. Lightning Blitz

    Does the picture quality get worcer if I buy a bigger TV.

  12. Give My Opinion

    4k they already talking about 8k. then with 4k need better equipment higher end TV connection and Internet connection. I will stick with 1080p.

  13. Miles-From-Home

    how clear of a picture do you need watching tv? it looks fake as shit in all that hidef resolution.

  14. 1. Nobody makes a plasmas anymore, so they aren't even part of your purchase equation. However, if you have a FHD and UHD of the SAME TECHNOLOGY side by side, any person that isn't blind will be able to tell you which one the UHD is at any range. UHD all by itself brings better picture quality in terms of brightness, contrast, and off-angle viewing. I don't know where you would find a UHD TV with 4 times the pixels, that would be so sorry that it couldn't exceed the picture quality of even a great 1080. However, if you can't see the two side-by-side, you will not notice the difference at distances equal to or greater than their recommended minimum viewing distance.

    2. The elephant in the room that I don't hear people mentioning is that with large rooms and big screens, there are generally greater variations in seating distance and viewing angles. A UHD screen will look good at 3'-4' away and off-angle, as well as at 12' and straight on. Under those same circumstances, FHD has unsatisfactory picture quality close and off-angle, and you won't need a UHD TV in the room around to figure it out. Due to the electronic smoothing that occurs during upscale, UHD TVs produce a UHD picture, whether or not you have UHD content. A UHD TV gives you more placement options than FHD, which can easily justify the difference in price. Manufacturers are phasing out FHD because the price difference is getting so small, that soon they would have to tape money to the FHDs just to get rid of them. UHD is not simply a technology and spec. advancement, it is a sizeable usability enhancement.

  15. A wana known the price of 42 inch screen in LED pliz somebody can help me

  16. in two or three years will get 4k just bought 1080p works for me. 40 inch is smallest 4k I could find which is to big my 24 inch is good enough. 4k $400.00 cheapest.

  17. I don't know what TV should I buy for gaming, good quality of pictures and etc…any idea?

  18. Jesse the Lawless

    how will we know the deference if the video in 1080p

  19. I just purchased an LG Ultra HD OLED "55" today and I very surprised about how good it is

  20. I don't get the point of the ginger bloke in glasses and why each example gets closer to him… I'm sure there is an analogy in there somewhere but no one bothered to explain it…

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