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50″ Hisense (50H7GB) 4k TV review(Cheap, but awesome). Part 1



  1. 1m 35 secs in he's still banging on about Walmart and his buddies, do 1

  2. ffs get to the business

  3. I dont like that there is no hulu app

  4. Hi there, if you run the youtube video – then check in settings for advanced information, does it say it has picked up a true 2160p video with VP9 codec? Or does it say 720p? Currently in the UK, only 720p is available, even if you select a native 4K youtube video.

    Have you tried Amazon 4K prime too?

  5. I have a problem with my TV… Hisensen 55 ' uhd…… Some sound problem…. I have a Yamaha reciver….. I play Netflix and the sounds OK….. But when I go to YouTube sound so bad… Only one speaker working… Don't know what's going on….. Any solution… Pls

  6. Just bought a 55' from waltmart black Friday…..

    Awesome TV for the price…. Nice picture….. Just watch some 4k Netflix…. Really nice…

  7. I will get the exact measurements later. holding up pretty well. only issue I have notice so far is sometimes when I turn it on, it takes about 30 seconds before the remote functions become responsive, but that's mostly after it has been off all day and I guess it's going through its cycles. works great though and it helps that they come with a 3year manufacturer warranty

  8. how wide is it from leg to leg? how's it holding up?

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