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65″ Sony Bravia 4K Android TV Unboxing & Review (Big Screen Banding Explained)



  1. Cassiano Bizotto

    Hy !, my name is Cassiano, from Brazil, I really need your help, I am in doubt in TV shopping, am among this sony video, or samsung nano crystal or else LG EC9300 OLED that has 4k, but oled, friend what u can sujerir me? it is true that triluminus led leaves color and almost the same black to OLED? which the refresh rate of this sony? a big hug!

  2. sony sucks. Had the same issue as you. I finally went with a Samsung and problem solved. Samsung ftw!!!

  3. I'll stick to projectors

  4. Cassiano Bizotto

    hy! my name is Cassiano, from Brazil, I'm looking for a new TV to buy and have 3 options, one would be the TV LG EC9300 OLED 55 inch which is this video, the other option would be to android sony tv 4k 55 inch with Triluminos technology lED and the third option would be samsung 55 inch screen curved nano crystal, then friend in your opinion what would be the best alternative for me? what matters most is fast screen, vibrant colors, strong black tone image with brightness and contrast, the rate of rapid updating, the disadvantage of this OLED LG is not having the 4k.

  5. I went to the store and saw the new xbr65x930d for 2016. I was expecting to see greatness with the new slim backlight drive technology. When the rep went into the android TV menu I immediately saw 2 big dark areas. I showed him the banding areas and he agreed it was unexceptable for the price.

  6. is this really a 4k tv ? need help

    when i installed this app AIDA64 on this tv
    it says that the screen resolution of this tv is only 1920 x 1080

    i even tried connecting it to my gaming pc (GTX 970) with hdmi 2.0 cable
    even there it show the native resolution is only 1920 x 1080

    i took video of both test cases u can check them in the below links



    can some one plz test this with there tv and let me know if they have same problem

  7. 3D Crosstalk when playing 3D Blu-Ray on this 65X930D is AWFUL. It is unacceptable and a big shame for Sony to release such a bad product after being the main company to push 3D since 2010. This could be fixed by a firmware update but nothing is done yet. The 65X850C had the same problem and it took 6 months to be fixed.

  8. Get rid of that stupid fish eye lens.

  9. i recomend a Samsung js9000, that s a real beast tv!!

  10. same happens to me. but i have issues with Samsung (with light bleeding). so they replaced my 1000 dollars tv with a 1800 dollars !!!

  11. Get a LG Oled. Black levels are insane and no uniformity from what I can see. I personally have the XBR x800b. I have back light bleed and banding.

  12. Shit, I just bought this exact tv. Hopefully I can bear these flaws…Thanks for the review…

  13. how do you test for banding?

  14. Nice video man!! You earned a subscriber. Keep up the great work! If you have time, mind stopping by my channel.

  15. Tearyeyed for a Panasonic 65" Plasma :(

  16. Inge Hernan Salinas

    My tv xbr55x850c 4k its have much dejudder https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=j3ydVKYE9fM why?

  17. ChippahChiperson

    The 55' inch version of this is tv is the best I've ever owned. The Samsung's priced in this range of tv's were a bit brighter, but the colors on this sony are richer in my opinion. Furthermore, and most important to me, is just how great the input lag is. I'd recommend that gamers purchase this is they can.

  18. what keyboard are you using for your tv ?

  19. Live From The Grave

    I went through the same with samsung terrible customer service.
    I hate these companies.

  20. Sony sucks nowadays. I have the 900b and its better than this tv and it still sucks

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