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A $570 65″ 4K TV!? The Haier 65UF2505 Thoughts and Review


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  1. i bought the same…can ps4 pro can do 4k on it without hdr because i know there no hdr on it

  2. Takeshi Kawasaki

    What brand it is?

  3. i bought the same tv for $599 in Toronto NO HDR feature but good price and good quality worth it go buy one. speakers SUCK BAD so get a sound bar

  4. thank you for this video it made my decision easy

  5. Does it play 4K content at 60hz or just 30?

  6. talk to me in 2 years.  One to two weeks means nothing!!!!

  7. So does it have the hdr compatibility for the PS4 pro and Xbox one s

  8. Great review! I just bought this TV, haven't gotten it yet. I want to build a stand for it. What are the dimensions between the legs?

  9. Nice walk through but was hoping to see how it plays regular TV content, Youtube and also seeing the software they have.

  10. 1 week ago same tv was 499.99 went up to 549.99 at hh greg

  11. These generic TV brands get their LCD panels and even internals from companies like Samsung, LG and Sony.

  12. ok this is the last video I'll watch. HHgregg has the for 499$ this weekend. I'll just get one. it won't be my primary TV. ilk just get the extended warranty. Looks good with games

  13. can you do a follow up review? your thoughts after a few months of use

  14. they have this TV for about $500 now

  15. I swear I thought you said " hey everybody, it's prick" hahahaha

  16. I believe that it is pronounced "Higher" and they're a massive company. Both my air conditioners are Haier and Haier even bought out GE's home appliance division (stoves, fridges, laindry, freezers). I ordered a 55" model for $470CAD.

  17. I saw they have another sale at Costco Surrey today 55" for $379.99 I wasn't sure if it's a good product because, on other reviews, it says after a few months the tv goes blank …

  18. got mine today comes standard with 2 years woot

  19. Haier actually purchased G.E. electronics division about a year ago. We have a 40" 1080 Haier $230 for 2 years and it is great. Our main TV is A Samsung 8000 series 4k 3D, so we understand good TV sets. Haier freezer working great. $540 current price at HH Gregg..

  20. I'm finally getting ready to upgrade from an old 37 inch Vizio which has served me well for the last 10ish years as a gaming tv/pc monitor. I'm seriously thinking about going with this awesomely priced tv as i don't really care about HDR and i've never used a tv/monitor above 60hz so i'm pretty well used to it. But reviews on other sites have me a bit apprehensive due to issues with dead pixels, terrible input lag while game and overall bad picture quality. So i'm curious has anyone here encountered those problems or any problems for that matter?

    p.s. – i'll be using it for gaming on my ps4pro/pc (Madden, Diablo & MGS5) along with watching series/movies on my pc.

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