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As Promised Roku/Sling TV review



  1. which video player is this?

  2. If you watch a lot of tv using Sling, won't this increase the cost of your bandwidth if your internet service provider has a cap on bandwidth usage?

  3. Also… would 10 Mbps internet speed work fine or do I need 25 Mbps ? I have Blast and thats like 50 Mbps but want to down grade to save money.

  4. I'm going to try Sling soon also.. $150+ with Comcast/Xfinity is killing me. One thing I don't like about the Sling deals that I see is…if you step up to the Blue package from the Orange for more channels..You loose ESPN channels witch is silly…They know people that want more channels but want to keep their sports will have to jump up to the third package for $40…lol Soooo I think I will just go with the $20 package and get a antenna for my local channels since you cant get them with Sling. Thanks for the video !

  5. I am not really up on that tech stuff, but can you watch YT on it?

  6. BathandBeautyFreak

    Great review. I have an older tv I wonder if it will work with it? By the way I made it to the end

  7. Shelby'sKraykray Girl

    Sorry I haven't watch lately been working love love watching u shared liked

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