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Avoid Element Electronics 40 inch HDTV



  1. I have a two year warranty luckily, but from the looks of it we have different tvs. Only time will tell.

  2. VIDEO&MUSICEditor

    well you can always go back to the store and exchange it to the same one again. could be it was a default tv

  3. This guy sounds like a cuck

  4. TheBossOfClash3.0

    well look i have an element electronics tv and yeah it might be shit but that doesnt happen to mine at all i've had it for 2 1/2 yrs now and the speakers are shit but here is what i did i took them out and made the speakers their own box outside of the tv and guess what it wath the way they put to speakers inside no box no nothin so when i tested them out just pure bass and a whole lot of good sound came with them so im happy i did that

  5. I've had my Element for about 4 years now with no problems at all

  6. I just bought a 60" element TV mines work Great.

  7. Gf has this tv and when we put a usb drive in, only music or photos work, no actual video. Am I missing something? Anyone having this issue?

  8. Wow I didn't know black ppl buy tv cuz u ppl usually get them during the Rodney king riot for free

  9. Audio No video after 1yr4months😡

  10. element tvs are garbage. go with hisense if you want cheap

  11. Thank you.

  12. ive had my 19" inch element tv from july 2015,last night the weirdest thing happened,the screen solarized for a while,i unpluged it,after 10 min i plugged it back in,it did it again,turned it off again and unplugged it,waited 30 min,plugged it back in,now theres a semi-transparent wide white stripe in the middle of the screen,the 24 inch i had didnt even last a month! hmph,peice of shit

  13. LieoXTFP Channel

    I have an 40" Element TV…☹️ (ELDFW407)

  14. please stay away from this Tv.. it lasted only 1 year and refused to come back on.

  15. Don't buy this crap product ! they are scammers and lier and the quality of the product is so cheap that It will stop working after 1 year , I contacted them but they even not willing to give their details about their company, I wrote that I want to sue them and I need their details but They wrote me that they can't provide those details, THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE THAT TARGET WORKD WITH THEM, DONW WASTE YOUR MONEY AND BUY THIS TV THAT WILL STOP WORKING VERY SOON AND YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED LIKE I AM AND GO BACK TO THE STORE BUY NORMAL LG OR SAMSUNG TV !

  16. I have an LG 42in LCD i bought from pawn shop in August 2016 i like it better than element

  17. element needs to recalll all of its tv's

  18. Sticking to Sony, Sharp, Samsung and LG thanks!

  19. C. Signe Johnson

    My Element TV, 32", purchased in 2013, started smoking from the back panel, after 4 yrs. of use. Dangerous Junk!

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