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BenQ RL2455HM 24″ LED LCD Monitor Overview – Newegg TV



  1. why no showing viewing angles?

  2. This monitor is absolute rubbish. It is mean't to have a 1ms response time. I threw it at my misses and it took her 10 seconds to respond.

  3. I am sorry lady i got only 7 inches

  4. McWildboy Gaming

    so a few majour issues for this fail of a video. first things first, this chick did not once mention anything about the monitor having built in speakers andor how to set them up. this is a major thing especially when its a big company like newegg so for this, I WILL NOT BE REFFERING OR CHOOSING TO SHOP THREW NEWEGG! Second thing is, its an overview video and she did not even cover all ends on the monitor. is this how you are going to show the world your professionalism??????? this was a waste of time and made upmy mind on going back to newegg.

  5. ♛ Huffdaddy™

    anyone else not getting 75hz? im using the supported cables dvi-dvi and I have an above average nvidia graphics card. Im only locked to 60 hz and through the nvidia control settings i can only max it to 66hz.

  6. Does this monitor work on a gaming PC

  7. Can you give me that ironside pc behind ?

  8. They will not send HDMI cable with it? :/ Damn.. well still a good monitor

  9. is she free with it?

  10. she's cute

  11. Is this good for a PS4?

  12. it's very blurry , not a really good monitor, 50 dollars more gets u a 144hz . make sure you have a good gpu for it tho

  13. It says on Amazon that this monitor is 75 hz….

  14. what keyboard and mouse can you use with this

  15. Does it have a USB port?

  16. Would this be a good monitor to use from my Mac?, if Im going to play f.e. shooter games + WoW or something like that? If im using it via Thunderbolt > HDMI stick.. Also is that good? or should I use Thunderbolt > DVI for better performance?

  17. dont know much about monitors.. whats IPS exactly and what does it affect in gaming or visuals?

  18. how many hertz? thx

  19. how many hz? or hertz

  20. Does it work with PC too? Because in some reviews of this monitor they say in the title that it is a "console gaming monitor" 

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