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BenQ XL2720Z #1 Gaming Monitor Review by [Bf.Nut]



  1. MostExcellant Theophilus

    Dang…. $889.00. I'm buying it tonight on Amazon new for $359.99 :)

  2. I saw another review in which the remote used to change profile was round in shape. How are we supposed to choose which one we want if we buy online. Was it a different model?

  3. Aye bai for huan tahusand dorrah

  4. Seu Madruga Lee Sangrando com Sarna e Bigode Lamentável

    Can you use low blue light in game?

  5. Great! I just ordered my BenQ XL11 144hz monitor for £210 from Amazon amazing deal.

  6. nice review bro :)

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  8. Nice video, btw how do you get so many fps in cs? Grateful for answear :)

  9. Austin Dicamillo

    This is worth $379 not $800

  10. I bet that this monitor would be great for my ps4

  11. the other monitor is 24 inch??

  12. wtf I got this monitor for 450 euros

  13. How does movies look on this? im coming from a 42'' tv with 60hz and high input lag ? Also worried about no g sync.

  14. Is this screen still good?

  15. dude, this monitor has audio through hdmi?

  16. in your videos use a screan recorder to show us the screan when in a game

  17. keybords name ?

  18. good fit trousers T-shirt man

  19. it doesn't make any difference since your eyes sucks

  20. The 3D feature of Benq Monitors works in PS3/PS4?
    Since i know it needs 3D Nvidea Glasses Pack for PC.

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