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Best Affordable 4K TV 2018 for Gaming | 55″ TCL Roku TV Review UHD



  1. You should try lg nano cell tv i'm sure you will change your mind.

  2. Just the kind of video I was looking for

  3. Great review for the tcl p55, don't get offended, but your are so attractive. O.K now, when the new 6 series drops this spring I hope you do a side by side comparison of the two.

  4. I have the 55P605 love it .

  5. How did I miss this review, time to get a new phone! πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ I always wondered if they were any good how is it compare to the Phillips, Samsung, Pany or Vizio

  6. I just picked one up from Costco for $339… Well worth it!!! Great video dude!

  7. β€œI hate when the box and tv aren’t the same size!”

    … I … that’s how boxes work.

    P.S. which model is this? S305, S405, P Series?

  8. 13randon 13axter

    wow, the second you see the tv in his hands you know it's garbage. That's why it's so cheap, it's garbage lol. Look at that black plastic frame on it. Crap.

  9. The tv is not 120 hz, it is a native 60 hz tv!

  10. Nice review casey. Better if you show the menu of the tv. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ rotate

  11. Im going for 4k projector I hope.

  12. hello from dubai

  13. Rickrambo Fernandes

    Best best

  14. Glad you found TCL they make really great TVs I wouldn't buy a smart TV with our ROKU as the OS. Please include the model number in the description. One of the really cool things you get with the ROKU OS is that you can listen to the TV via the app on your phone (use head phones and you have private listening in bed with out waking up your partner).

  15. My Passion 4 stuff

    Where is your beard

  16. Out of Stock

  17. Shelton 1211 scott

    Thank you my brother keep up the work man and keep grinding

  18. thanks for everything you have done for us without you thing well be hard for us in this planet thanks ones again.

  19. 55p607 is the model everyone went crazy over for low lag (10.3 milliseconds to 16 milliseconds depending on review). P series, although s is still good value, just not the best for gaming. And they have new unreleased 2018 models, 65" etc. from ces.

  20. andrew kligerman

    Great deal!

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