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Best TV of 2016? LG 65″ 4K OLED + HDR: Unboxing & Review



  1. pokemonbrooks boss

    how do i add a iptv playlist to sstv
    lg tv ?

  2. Say that I can afford to save for this TV Рit'd take me maybe a month РI'm incredibly inpatient. Would I be better to save or just go ahead and get a £1,200 4k tv? Is the Oled worth it?

  3. Wait… how can ur opinion be unbiased if sponsored by LG. We call this an infomercial

  4. What about sports? How does sports look on this tv? Does this tv upgrade signal? like 1080p to 4k quality?

  5. Xross SweatPantz

    is the 55 inch just as good quality?

  6. i could hardly believe watching those 4 little screws attaching the tv to the base!?

  7. Seeing you use cable makes me miss cable and want to subscribe again to have all these options when I don't feel like watching shows online.. or Netflix.

  8. Just bought this tv for 2.5k USD the 55 inch model. expensive in my country but hope this will be great tv experience together with gaming .

  9. Is there a way to get rid of the pink?

  10. What is price of this product?

  11. can the tv be wall mounted?

  12. But…….."will it game?!"?

  13. FenderStrat19711

    Great review with tons of detail I had never seen before

  14. Mandela Effect
    harman kardon or harmon karon
    I remember harmon

  15. i hope i can be like you

  16. Ayoub El Mariami

    there is also an LG 4K OLED TV 2017 ?

  17. just use an htpc and be done with it -_-

  18. 2017, a $2000 Tv and you still get only 2 HDMI ports. Do this Tv manufacturers realize we have a tone of electronics with HDMI in our days and we need ports to connect them to our screens?

  19. I'm getting the e6 version which has 3d and the same features like the b6 here. Plus I ain't getting the 2017 tvs from lg because I heard some content is on 2016 models like web os 3.5 and HLG. But i'm more excited to get the E6 for both HDR 10 and Dolby vision because while my hisense 4k tv had an amazing 4k quality it's hdr which is not hdr 10 is not powerful.

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