Home » CES 2015 | Sharp Aquos HDTV & 4K TV Lineup 2015 | New UB30, UE30, UH30 UHD Series

CES 2015 | Sharp Aquos HDTV & 4K TV Lineup 2015 | New UB30, UE30, UH30 UHD Series


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  1. Joel S. Valenzuela

    Sharp TV got the best picture quality on HD compare to any other brand.

  2. Samsung is overpriced and overrated as hell Sony and sharp is underrated

  3. I am disappointed in Sharp 2015 4k line up.  How can they not make available 3D option in the the TVs?   I currently own a 2011 model Sharp's top of the line 1080p panel, 60"  with 3D and looking to upgrade to 4k with 3D 70"+ and was looking to sticking with the Sharp brand.  No way I'm  purchasing any TV that  I'm going to use as center piece of home theater with that TV having no 3D function.  Forget about smart TV options because people can pick up a $40-$100 gadget from China which has full blown android mini computer capabilities, including the latest video codecs.  What I can't do though is get a 3D capable device, well let me rephrase that, I would rather have the 3D function build in the TV.    Now I have to and I'm doing extensive research on the Q+ series from Sharp to try satisfy my needs, along with the Sony 4K options.   Sony is overrated and overpriced! 

  4. Sharp's 2015 4K TV Lineup…  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXY_kke66iE

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