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  1. I mean it

  2. thanks man I works!!!!

  3. Steve Warburton

    Great I should have reset turned everything off unplugged power plug in turned on and sound all good thanks for video was very informative

  4. Thanks for this information I lost sound on my Tv but I had a Dish receiver and it works on two TV one TV had volume but the other one Didn't so after watching your video I unplugged Dish receiver and it worked…So thanks for the info

  5. Thank you this helped!


    I have the very same Samsung tv you have. My problem is I can't get sound my volume symbol is displayed on the TV with the number zeros

  7. Hey budd quick question, I have a jvc tv. Turns on and off just fine but the volume I can't control it with my comcast or jvc controller. what can I do to fix the problem ?

  8. WOW!!! Thanks Mr. I was getting pisses and thought I was gonna buy a new tv …I just flipped the power button on the outlet bar where everything is plugged in..I waited a few minutes and waaaaaaaahlahhhhhhhh yy sound was back..Once again thanks a ton

  9. Hi,
    i have problem in my tv: UA32F4000AWXMV
    i put the my headpones but when i take off the headpones the sound of tv does not work !! when i trun up the loud of voice it gives me that still the headpones conected even i took them off from the back of tv and when i put them again the headpones working normal but the sound of my tv does not come back at all even I take off the headpones !!
    thanks for your help

  10. Ronaldo Desierto

    wow, no demo that it worked! wasn't it important that you let us hear it working??

  11. Veris Castaneda

    Husband wasn't home so thank god for this video lol.

  12. Get a new hdmi it what mine did

  13. My volume keeps going up when I put it low

  14. BallsDeepInPotatoSalad 10101 (bluefire)


  15. how do you fix a tv that the volume keeps going down every time I turn it up

  16. how do you fix a tv that the volume keeps going down every time I turn it up

  17. thanks

  18. Terry Sullivan

    My vizio is crackling after on for a few minutes. Turn off and on and it goes away for a little bit Help

  19. Thanks for helping me fix my TV.

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