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Everything You Need to Know About Roku TV – CES 2014



  1. iamsunflower2011

    I can't get my fire stick into the HDMI port on this tv

  2. Alexandra Ingram

    Can u hook up a fire stick to a roku tv?

  3. Gamer Squirrel91

    i just got the TCL ruko 2015 version 2 weeks ago, and I'm loving it 🙂 I know i may be late on this comment haha

  4. Is Roku tv on xbox or ps4?

  5. Was that Youtube on Roku? This can't be real.

  6. Looking at Justin is creepy I swear he looks like an alien.

  7. Any chance of this appearing in Europe/UK?

  8. Choose Ghana Timothy!


  9. Choose Ghana Timothy!

    I have roku tv

  10. Did anybody notice that the twt tv look like that simbol from the animated series naruto kind of add.

  11. 1080p, 2160p?? whats its refresh time? 60hz? 120hz?

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  13. I'd buy it.

  14. Yeah

  15. smart tvs are dumb

  16. DelbertStinkfester

    I cut cable and only use a ROKU…I would love this TV…Take my money…and my first born

  17. I want the Aang TV

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