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Exclusive 4K OLED TV review: LG 55EG960V



  1. The 4k content shown in store looked amazing, the picture almost looked like 3d the images were so clear. definitely on my wishlist

  2. I have had this TV now for a week after much deliberation about cost and led etc . So far I am very pleased . The set looks beautiful . The picture quality is amazing in 4k and hd and sport is great. Is it worth the premium over the best Sony and Pano equivalent ? Cost was not really a big consideration for me . I wanted the best 55 available to replace my 8 year old Kuro and I think I got it . The price will undoubtedly drop but if you wait forever there is always something better .

  3. I need a monitor version of this… without all the BLOAT garbage
    ….and with adaptivesync 0-120hz through a single tiled displayport1.3, and NO other inputs and NO integrated speakers.

  4. Saw this running a 4k demo in a showroom. Best TV picture I've ever seen. Not sure I'm confident in OLED lasting to spend that amount. The Samsung SUHDs are not quite as good but have great black levels and vibrancy. One thing I noticed about the LG OLED was it hardly had any reflection in the screen when it was black. Most of the other LEDs have a lot of reflection which is distracting.

  5. Enough not ending

  6. Lg aren't selling ending oled TVs because a lot of people are waiting for the flat models to be released

  7. Руслан Намазбаев

    LG the best tv

  8. OriginalNoseBleed

    I'm a bit shocked that Lg's Oled arnt getting "Reference" ratings, seems panny's discontinued zt60 is still king of the hill

  9. OLED is the future… I mean now….

  10. Ashok Kashappanavar

    65" OLED 4K is launching on July 2015

  11. Ashok Kashappanavar

    It's Really awesome to hear LG is launching OLED 4K, before it was just FULL HD, with life like color  with 4 color pixels now its with 4K means 8.3 mega pixel x 4 color pixels now that becomes "33 mega color pixels" really awesome………….waiting for launch in India…..:)

  12. I see no point in hdr for normal viewing.
    Absolute useless feature .
    Freeview, sky hd netflix have just managed 1080p hdr wont be implemented in alot of material. 

  13. My next TV will be a LG OLED, but I would prefer 65" but I guess I need to wait a year for the price tom fall a little 🙂 Disappointed that there is still only 2 hours of TV guide shown for a 55" size TV. I absolutely hate such restricted TV guides (on STBs) even on my smaller current TV. Also very disappointed about only 3 HDMI inputs. I have easily more than 3 possible HDMI sources (STBs – Freeview/Freesat/Sky/computer games) so this will force me to buy an external mux. At least I see that current surround sound amplifiers have upto 8 HDMI inputs. When will TV manufacturers add more HDMI inputs???


  15. HDR 4K FLAT OLED 65"+ when?

  16. Very nice but I'll be waiting for the HDR 4K OLED models coming out later in the year.

  17. i love the stand design floating effect 

  18. OLED TV's are awesome

  19. Daaaaaaamn

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