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  1. lot cool

  2. How I connect my control?

  3. hi how do you use the xbox controller on samsung tv

  4. now could someone tell me how to connect the controller to the app thnx

  5. Blastoise Tube

    They've got to be making some serious cash by keeping this service exclusive to these two platforms.

  6. Witam wie ktos jak anulowac gamefly z smart tv bo caly czas pobiera mi oplate co miesiac.

  7. Álvaro Perdigao

    do you used a dongle wi-fi to connect The controller?

  8. How fast does your upload speed needs to be to get a good gaming experience on gamefly?

  9. Don't forget PlayStation has Ps now as a game streaming service

  10. Trischello Pengel

    you need to have a Xbox or PlayStation or somthing or not or you need only to have A controller

  11. Pozdrawiam z Polski :D

  12. for my kid plays lego i think is good, do u agree? he s just 3 years old.

  13. Ewuhhh

  14. I hate being first

  15. Can you use a ps4 controller?

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