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Hands-on Review of Sling TV on Roku, Android, and G-Box Q



  1. Warren Harding

    Anyone else having issues with sling since the updates last week?  My gbox q apps starts to load and then crashes back to the launch screen.  My Xbox One app buffers every minute or two.  Only started after the update.

  2. why don't these services just have an ala carte menu? meaning I won't have any channels I don't want/won't watch?

  3. We need the ability to choose our own networks.

  4. Austin Squires

    I bought a roku for my mom i didnt like it very much i wanted to but idk it was disappointing

  5. You moving in the reflection of your TV freaked me out and had me looking over my shoulder before realizing what was going on lol. I'm an idiot. Great Video!

  6. Jason Hatherlee

    Without CBS, ABC, FOX, and NBC, I can't ever see me getting this. I have Hulu Plus and Netflix so the only thing I miss is live sports, particularly football. Oh well.

  7. It seems to work better on my wifi devices (tablet phone, etc.) than it does on my PC with ethernet. Do you have any idea why that is?

  8. Warren Harding

    Any one else having this issue with the Gbox Q.  Was able to install the Sling app no problem, but it keeps telling me "This version of Sling TV is not supported on this device.  Please try re-installing from the app store (2-49)".  I am running android 4.4.2 and firmware 1.2.1.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Hi good review! how  you get the the sling tv apk? you have it? any link?

  10. Does this work on Roku Streaming Stick?

  11. Fred Flintstone

    Why does this not have local channels! ESPN is not as important as locals!

  12. Cord Cutters News

    +Caden Murdock Invites are going out now and I expect the public release in the next few weeks.

  13. Any ideas on the release date?

  14. great review, thanks!  Good to see more options coming to the streaming world.

  15. Thomas White (GeekofNature)

    Very cool to see the photo of Grand Rapids background on the Nexus 7. I'm looking forward to trying out Sling TV. 

  16. A very nice look at the service, thank you! Did they give any info on when to expect the sports pack? Hoping for ESPNU access before college basketball season is over. Also fingers crossed for Fox Sports 1 and NBC Sports Net!

  17. Thanks for the great review!

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