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HDMI to RCA cable adapter (HMRM01511) (CAB-GC-83636) (435232) B00RMYVW4K



  1. I have on my laptop with a hdmi port but my tv has the analog port hmmm will this work if not wht would I do????? thanks

  2. Dothelukasz Killchain

    How do i plug my playstation 4 to my old tv my new tv wont stop closing by itself

  3. Emmanuel Adjei

    hey great job

  4. Millionaire Dreamz

    I have a 60" flat screen lg with 3 hdmi ports and advanced color cable ports and ive used regular yellow red white cords on it and it works fine (crapy quality) but i works. Would this be cord be able to display a ps4 on my tv ?

  5. THANK YOU for explaining this so well. You saved me a lot of time and frustration. :)

  6. Barbara Corfield

    I have an old TV that I need to hook up to my Roku Streaming device. Of course it does not have an HDMI hookup on the back.. So what can I buy for this? I just moved and for some strange reason……..I got rid of my converter box for digital… Duh.. Gonna have to go out and buy a new one.. darn it all.. But till then I want to just hook up the Roku Streaming device. What do I buy for the NON HDMI TV? Thanks….

  7. can you show me step by step for how this works? I just got mine and my laptop isn't reading any hdmi output.

  8. would this work for a old projector going to a laptop?

  9. Bomber66torres

    Wish I could of seen this video sooner, just bought this cable to try it with my ps4

  10. Alexander Lewis

    Can I connect a gaming chair that has just the red and white rca cables for sound to a tv with hdmi?

  11. I bought a HDMI to RCA converter it worked at first now all the sudden it don't.

  12. Hey, would this work with an xbox one so that I can connect L/R active monitor speakers? Or would I be better off getting an optical audio to RCA converter to connect my speakers? Thanks!

  13. Please tell me what about the cable that comes with the xbox 360 is that an actual HDMI to RCA cable that actually works.

  14. I bought one from ebay for 80 cent free postage to Ireland. It's about 3 feet long and I am trying to find a use for it. The cable looks amazing and it's so hard to understand how it's possible to ship something like this all the way from China for 80 cent.What use is it though I don't know , I may use it as a skipping rope or maybe to tie a gate in the yard.

  15. Umberto Orellana

    can you use it to watch movies from your phone with a html converter to your tv

  16. i have a a newer tv that has 3 hdmi but 1 broken other 1 doesn't work. it shows blue screen& no sound. will this cable work. the hdmi side to the cable box and the RCA to the tv. and if it work will it show HD like a regular HDMI?

  17. So this product will work for an old Nintendo to a new tv ?

  18. I bought exactly the same at aliexpress LOL
    If I buy a converter (in=hdmi, out=rca) then I'll need 2 more cables. Hdmi to hdmi (pc out to converter in) and rca to rca (converter out to tv in)

  19. Artëm Maksimov

    is it works for ps4 and laptops ?

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