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Hisense 55″ LED 3D 1080p TV Review



  1. how can i get this tv and does hisense have a website for those type off tv ??

  2. Ps: I paid a arm &a a leg for my Samsung LED Smart tv lol

  3. This is a nice t.v I have a 60' inch LED Samsung Smart T.v and there is no comparison…. Samsung LED Smart t.v is the best tv outthere. Samsung,LG&Sony are the best tv's period…. But nice t.v lol

  4. hi,, can i install App Plex?

  5. za skolko kupil?



  8. is it still working i have heard that hisense is crap

  9. for some reason I can't stream to regular t.v channels at and my wifi seem to keep disconnected or saying not in range someone help me get regular t.v channels

  10. Is vudo free?

  11. Its 2015 and its still Awesome!!! Thank You!!!!

  12. I have the same HDTV but a 40" and it is great so far unboxing and review also on my channel feel free to check it out

  13. Hi there guys iv had my 50" 3d smart tv since august 2014 now and had nothing but problems with it. the remote been replaced 3 times. motherboard at 6 months old and had problem after problem the latest one is the wired network shuts down and wireless drops and when the TV gets to hot it wont turn off at all. been onto Hisense since iv brought it and they have just sweep me under the carpet so hisense support team are no help and have gone back to where i have brought it from and explained what is happening and told them im pissed and want either a new one or change brand all together. Hisense SUCK ASS.

  14. Carlos Quinteiro

    What kind of shit is that video? This video go so slowly, like a turtle.

  15. Hi there, I just got today a 50" hisense tv H5 series, but I was disappointed because of the color picture quality, it's like blurry and too pale… I hope you can help me to fix this problem of mine.. Thanks!

  16. Fast forward to 2015, Is your TV still good?

  17. basketballbeast06

    Put that Love & Basketball dvd in…. Great Movie!!

  18. I purchased my tv based off a few reviews, but yours was the icing on the cake that had me take back the LG that I bought the day earlier. Good review. Thanks.

  19. Robert Byerson (Trbgem)

    it's also called trumotion as LG uses or motion blur like a soap opera effect like your holding the camera behind the set of a movie or TV show its amazing if yours is 120hz you have to see 240hz hisense TV crazy to the point where it's scary don't watch a horror movie with opera effect on I had nightmares they look so real lol

  20. Robert Byerson (Trbgem)

    that's called trumotion or motion blur its like a soap opera effect looks like your behind the set of a movie or TV show looks like your holding the camera its amazing if yours is 120hz you have to see 240hz hisense tv it's crazy

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