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Hisense 55″ LED TV Update Part 1



  1. What language are you attempting to speak?

  2. hi great update review. I ordered this TV online today and I would like to know do I need a roku box to view Netflix?

  3. is the model no:- k20??

  4. Is the refresh rate 120? Or 240?

  5. i got one less than 6 months old screen dead went from Netflix to lines everywhere on the screen

  6. REverything HD

    @Mandrell This tv has 4 hdmi inputs, thanks soo much!!

  7. mandrell paige

    What's your name on cod ghost so I can add you hope you play on xbox1

  8. mandrell paige

    How many hdmi inputs

  9. mandrell paige

    Tv looks good rosa

  10. Samsung have the best tv picture 

  11. She is right about the picture quality because I've seen it in person myself. I couldn't believe how clear it was for such a cheap tv. The big question is, How long will it last?

  12. Is/would the updated version of your current TV be Model 55K610GWN? Yes with an "N" at the end.

  13. Alonzo Whitaker

    From Alonzo I will check the TV out a little more what I seen and heard I like thank for information Rosa

  14. REverything HD

    @tipthepunisher Thanks for your comment. This phone is amazing it but it cut my video off after 5 minutes due to the resolution I was filming in. I am currently uploading part 2 of this video so you can check it out. Thanks again

  15. tipthepunisher

    tv looks great! nice video. wow! the camera on your phone is awesome to say the least! it records every detail on the picture of your tv with out glare or too much brightness, but what happened to the gaming part? copyright? its happened to me when i tryed to upload a video with some GTAV game play on my channel.

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