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Hisense H3 Television Review


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  1. I just bought one and found the legs are wobbly  as I was checking the wires behind the TV I had to get someone else to " spot " the set so it wouldn't fall over. I sit sort of far away like 15 feet and have no problem with the picture . I found the manual worthless and read that they didn't want to waste paper and directed us to their site for more info . I also may not have did the initial set up right because I cant access the date or closed captions  , as I go to the menu it hops over the date not that its a big issue but I also have a Samsung Bluray without a clock on it .  I cant hook up my HDMI  to my cable box , since its non HD and has no port . Since my cable is included in my rent and have a idiot landlord that wont allow me to trade it in for one that does have a HDMI port  ( same price ) I must deal with cable picture as is . Since I have a Wi FI bluray , a Smart TV  is irrelevant , so why pay more for what I already have . I compared this against a Toshiba and a Insignia  and picked this since its really made by Sharp and has 3 HDMI ports that I can use for my bluray and PlayStation  . Mine is a 32'' and got it for $119 . No its not a 1080 just a 720 . Remember the old saying as my Pa would say : You get what you paid for ! So really don't expect a $300 set for $119. Electronics are getting cheaper , even my bluray cost $35 . If it lasts 10 years , I be a happy camper .

  2. good enough for my ps4

  3. does this support chromecast?

  4. Picked up a 40" (40H3B) at Walmart Black Friday for $125.00. It's still in the box, so I can return it. I'd like to connect my Samsung Note 4, watch Netflix, YouTube, other movies – maybe hook up my laptop – to it. As you can tell, I'm not TV savvy. I'm wondering if I should get something else? Whadda think?

  5. Motion blur and response time is good?

  6. hisense sucks

  7. Like ti

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