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Hisense H65M7000 4K UHD TV Best Picture Settings



  1. Would these settings also apply to the 75inch model 75M7000UWD??

  2. Will these settings be good for the 50M3300 model also?

  3. brilliant! just bought the 50 inch version. Thanks for the guide, subbed for sure.

  4. how come my xbox one says this tv doesn't have hdr? I just bought the 75"

  5. Hi, are these settings good for an hisense 65k700? Many thanks

  6. Andrew Faulconbridge

    Thanks for this video. I am currently watching a Sony KDL65W850c which i am taking back to the store due to terrible vertical banding. I am thinking of replacing it with this Hisense but the white clouds in your videos look very blown out, is that changeable ?

  7. hi, are the settings good also for the h55? thanks !!!

  8. would these be the same settings for the 55 inch version?

  9. Hi, can i use your advises also on the h55m7000?

  10. hey can you help im trying to play youtube in 4k on the tv app and it only plays in hd. Also amazon 4k hdr plays in 4k but not hdr any help would be great. thanks

  11. Hello, thank you very much for the video. I just bought the 55" model and i love it.
    I actually don't like very much the bt.709 white balance settings, everything gets so weird, yellowish and brownish. Can you advise me a calibration, other than the one for HDR, that uses the native wb for normal movies watching ?

  12. Do you have any recommended picture settings for the Samsung UN40KU6290 4k UHD LED TV? I've been searching all over the internet and can't find any whatsoever.

  13. i'm thinking of buying the 75 inch version is it any good? Or should i buy a Samsung series 8 , 75 inch for 1500 euros extra ?

  14. i bought this tv and i have two updates: 1st version G825 and work fine and support HDR option in picture settings
    2nd version G909 and also support hdr option and i don't have it in picture settings

  15. i have the M7000 75inch,i dont have a HDR option in the picture menu australian version

  16. Is this any good for a computer monitor? (obviously you cant get huge monitors so a 4k TV is the only option)
    i dont care for competitive gaming, but blur free motion would be nice. Also, does it have sharp text, bleed free?

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