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Hisense H65M7000 4K Ultra HD TV Review



  1. anyone own this TV and know if you can now use HDR in game mode? Heard it may be coming via firmware update

  2. what demo do you always play in the background?

  3. is its input 50Hz or 50-60Hz ? thank you!

  4. Great review 🙂
    Straight to the point, no bullshit.

  5. There is allot of confusion whether this TV is actually 10Bit…is it a true 10bit panel or not?

  6. Magnífico!!!

  7. I think Hisense has to be the best entry level 4k TV's in the market! I bought mine 2 months ago and I'm still satisfied. I use it as a PC monitor and the input lag is unnoticeable. Really crisp image, very immersive in playing video games and watching movies. There is no excuse anymore to not buy a 4k display anymore. Prices are dropping really fast.

    The model I have is the UHV200. Which is branded Devant in the Philippines. Sales rep told me Devant and Hisense are selling the same models just in different brand names. The model may not be sold in other countries.

  8. hey guys what TV would you recommend for the ps4 pro and it has to be 65" SUHD 4K smart TV I'm willing to spend $2500 max? please help

  9. how would this tv fair compare to 2012 mid range Panasonic st50b, would this tv be upgrade?

  10. Lovely glad my purchase was worth it not a gamer personally as I have 2 young kids lol

  11. This style of review still sucks. Go back to the older ones

  12. great stuff, I'm not happy with these silver sets though as it cost me an awful lot of money chasing black everything from the silver stuff I had a few years ago.

  13. This or the KS7000 for watching in a dark room?

  14. This vs hisense h8?

  15. Unfortunately there is no separate game mode for HDR gaming, you have to use the normal HDR mode which means that the input lag will increase to 54ms in these circumstances.

    Not for gamers…

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