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Hisense H8 4K Television Review



  1. Hisense is a sleeping GIANT about to take over the US in 2017.. IM LOOKING HARD at Hisense!!!

  2. thx, great info

  3. Just paid 378 for this at Best Buy with an ABC Warehouse price match.

  4. Which 4K TV will be better the Hisense H8 55 inch or Vizio D 4K 2016?

  5. I just unboxed my Hisense 55 inch H8 4k and I gotta say. Fuck, going from a 720 TV to this monster. I can't really complain about anything from it. Really great quality from picture to the sound. Well worth the money!

  6. RickGrimes MeetsMrMayhem

    I got my LG 4K smart 55uh6030 for $499 brand new at target and I love it!

  7. This TV had a recent firmware update. It is now HDR10 compatible. This TV is also one of the best, in my opinion, in the market at this time. There is no reason to pay more for any other TV, unless you want better viewing angles. For that, get an LG OLED TV.

  8. Does the 50 inch model have the downloadable HDR firmware update to make it true HDR through the hdmi inputs? I want to buy one today at bestbuy forĀ  4449.00 but I worry about how to do the firmware update if needed. Hisense claims they will send me a free usb with the firmware.

  9. btw, after the newest update it is true HDR. so that kills all that talk about not real hdr… and after going back and watching this review again, by review.com, he is seriously negative about this tv. he is trying to say in sevaral posts that they really like this tv, and give it editors choice, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah… THIS VIDEO SUCKS. IT IS VERY NEGATIVE, AND YOU ARE ACTING LIKE A BRAND SNOB. exactly as you are depicted by another poster below. A Brand Snob. I wish I could give this video 10 dislikes!

  10. I just bought this to use with the PS4 Pro. I sure hope it's worth it. I got the 50"..

  11. sorry, but i disagree with you about this tv getting "blown out of the water" by the bigger name tv's. I spent the day going to several of our local stores which sell all of these tv's (ie BestBuy) and actually looked at the Hisense h7 55" 4K and a h8 50" 4K right next to a 50" LG 4K, and on the other side just one tv down, a Samsung 55" 4K, and the Hisense tv's looked every bit as good. I dare say that at some points the Hisense looked better. I realize that the Samsung's and LG's have better hardware in them, but the "blown out of the water" comment is just dead wrong. if you take random people from almost any sample space, NOT CINEPHILES who jerk off to tech reviews, but regular people, and show them these tv's side by side, they will put the pic of the Hisense right there with either of the big boys. because they are not biased by what they have read, and the other brand snobbery factors. you guys, like it or not, are bias because of all of the information you consume. it's the placebo affect in full gear. you think it looks better, your logic says it should look better, so to you, it looks better. sorry, just being real with you.

  12. is this company ownes sharp?

  13. Is this the 40K3300UW? If so, is it good for gaming? ;d

    I read it has 120Hz.

  14. You get what you pay for

  15. **UPDATE FROM HISENSE SUPPORT** I just received a callback from Hisense support. The September update to enable HDMI 2.0a and HDR is suppose to be available on the 8th!!!! Ironically, that is my birthday. Will keep you posted in the coming weeks. Forza Horizon 3 here I come!!!!

  16. I've had this TV for 2 moths and picture is amazing. I got from Best Buy but they don't have it on the floor . They still have the old H7. For $500 this TV looks great and sound pretty good. The onscreen display is tidy sharp and it has a History section so you can jump right back to the last setting. I stayed with this after having the Vizio P (no tuner with cheap $20 Android Tablet gets old real quick) and M series. This TV easily hold it own against displays $200 more. It also comes with 4 year warranty.
    *One cool feature that it has only a single red standby led that goes out once the tv is boots up. I know it a small thing but the joy not having distracting glowing dot or bar during viewing is awesome. Anyview and USB 3.0 are also nice touches
    *The 55 model is damn near impossible to find.

    It's not perfect.This is a Linux based OS If you love apps you'll get Pandora, Netflix, YT,VUDU and Amazon. If you want HBO and other premium apps you'll still end up dropping cash for a stick or box. 99% of the offered apps are just trash.

  17. Hi I was looking into this tv. Im thinking about this one and the 2015 55in M series by Vizio. How is the up scaling on this vs the vizio? Also how is the motion vs the vizio?

  18. I've had my 65" for a few days now, Managed to mount it on the wall on my own and nearly died in the process.

    Out of the box the picture is good but not great I would suggest these settings for optimal quality:

    Pic Mode: Theatre
    Colour Temp: Warm
    Back Light: 35
    Brightness: 50
    Contrast: 65
    Colur: 45
    Sharpness: 2
    Local Dimming: On
    All Pic Enhancements Off
    Rest Of the settings: Default

    Once calibrated, the picture holds it's own and certainly looks as good as most high end 4k TV's. Another bonus is for gamers: this TV has VERY low input lag, I measured 25ms and 32 in non-gaming mode and also supports 4:4:4 chromo – This is a GREAT advantage and selling point.

    Apparently Hisense are soon to roll out an update for better HDR support and promise even better image results.

  19. brand snobbery, this product has great reviews by the real people. my brother has the 50 Inc version and it's amazing. so I have bought myself one. technology is getting cheaper as they understand the tech that needs to go into it… yes the smart tv isn't brilliant but, I have android box so I'm not fussed. just read all the reviews, lots of positive comments.

  20. Does anyone know if this TV has HDR 10 or Dolby?

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