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Hisense H9 SmartTV! 4K HDR at a Good Price



  1. Dope video watching from africa 🌍

  2. I can see a lot of headphones behind u…
    Which one u use daily??


  3. At the current price of $599 from Best Buy, I snagged one up for the bedroom. It's a good buy at that price in my opinion. I have an LG OLED 65 inch for the family room (I've has issues with the HDMI ports on the LG and have had to get them replaced… current people are having panel issues.) The Hisense doesn't match the OLED in picture quality for sure, but for the price point, for me, its a good 2nd TV for the bedroom and you wouldn't be ashamed to have bought it even for your primary TV. I run Nvidia Shield on both my TV's so I can get all the apps that I want and use PS Vue App, Kodi and Terrarium and the ability properly stream 4k content without process lag. The Sheild has a great processor. I've tried the Roku and Amazon boxes, but they just can't process 4k properly and smoothly.

  4. You sir are one of the best tv reviewers on YouTube

  5. Mario Ballantyne

    how do I activate HDR? I bought Rocket Fish HDR cables and before my tv froze and I had to restart it said Game-HDR, now it doesnt say HDR? Did I buy a faulty tv? I should have went with a name brand.

  6. Hisense – 55" 55H9D PLUS Model: 55H9D PLUSSKU: 6091901 on Sale at Best Buy for $599….$400 Off

  7. I bought one today at Walmart for $388, I bought a 55" Hisense 7 years ago and is still going great.

  8. Does this TV do the Soap Opera Effect? I am looking at the 55H9D for purchase.

  9. Hey Thunder E, did you figure out what the song that is playing in the background?

  10. Which one do you like more this one or the nano cell LG tv ? is worth to spend more for the LG sj8500 ?

  11. Seems like a good tv to me, ULED isn’t that bad next to OLED. I think I’ll give it a try

  12. I like hisense. They’re high quality at a budget price.

  13. The remote is kind of too big for me but all the same it looks great😎

  14. First of all, the Company isn't That Great with Products that LAST over a long period of time………Secondly, and probably MOST Importantly……How in TF is $1,300 a "Good Price?" I've seen 4K smart TV's for less than $1,000, from more reputable companies at that. Your definition of a "Good Price" is completely out of whack!! Don't be trying to sell something to me through an Affiliate link with this kind of a price tag, when you know DAMN well yourself that it is NOT worth it. I'm sure you'd love the affiliate commissions from such an expensive product, but screwing over subscribers to get it, doesn't make it seem that legit and makes the channel feel like a "fraud" channel that only cares about making money selling to others online. I believe in High Converting offers / items…….But ONLY when they are Clearly worth it….and this….Is clearly NOT!!

  15. It has no dolby vision , no thanks you

  16. Brand name = HisenSE, not Hisen…

  17. Hisenses picture is not great. Check out HDTVTEST video on their flagship

  18. How's the input lag and up converting a 1080p source?

  19. Which TV did you like the most between the LG SJ8500 and the Hisense H9 ?

  20. Should I wait till Black Friday to go 4k TV shopping? I have $1200 saved up already

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