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Hisense LED Tv Unboxing and Review



  1. wow 10min a video from karton

  2. apersonofinterest

    Where's the review? Several minutes of looking at the box and then a bunch of stuttering and mumbling about the picture. How about some video of the interface and the features? I learned absolutely nothing about this tv.

  3. You say the pic quality is good to me it looked not that good it looks reddish and dark, could it possabily be youtubes fault I hear their conversion messes with the quality a bit.

  4. This tv is pretty AWESOME for gaming.! but it says that it is 3D? where can you get the glasses from? anyone???

  5. Mark Propheter

    Turn off your surround sound! It might make your volume go higher.

  6. How do you change aspects of the picture it only lets me choose cinema wide normal I don't know how to stretch the image or zoom in or out

  7. Amazing_Julie1245

    How do you sign out of Vudu

  8. Maxim HD Entertainment

    this tv is sweet im going to buy another one :)

  9. Does it still work?

  10. Im considering this brand 

  11. hola hay alguna parte que traduscan en español lo que decis

  12. Thanks for posting this comment! Mine did not even see any networks….but unplugging the tv for 30 seconds worked:)

  13. Michel Linschoten

    Weird i got the 50inch led too, and mine is different. For instance the light under it, with me it's the logo itself that lights up and such. Mmmm…

  14. After 3 months my tv blew the capacitors. Hisense delivered me parts and a technician to replace the old ones for free. The tv has great sound, and display. It's crystal clear. You have to play with the sound settings to get it to be crisp and louder. I hope it doesn't blow anymore capacitors and that my internet starts working.

  15. coolgeorgiaboy

    i see that walmart also has this tv as a refurb. How do you like your?

  16. Maxim HD Entertainment

    Sorry I was trying to say I payed that for a new one

  17. Maxim HD Entertainment

    Tupi picked up a refurbished TV for $405? That's what I payed for this new one

  18. Dam Cuisiniers

    Turn your mic up

  19. I got a Hisense 40" Smart TV The built in Wifi tuner would not detect any wireless networks for anything tried everything resetting wireless router and setting on TV looked on the net lots of people having same issue…..IT guy at work said to unplug it wait 30 seconds plug it back in so i tried it and it WORKED 🙂 now it detects every network including mine 🙂 YAY

  20. Maxim HD Entertainment

    take a look online lots of videos showing you how to get it working. thanks for watching

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