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Hisense N6800 4K HDR TV Unboxing + Picture Settings



  1. When it showed Trump and Putin I started yelling TURN THE CHANNEL TURN THE CHANNEL! I'm sorry, but I am just SO sick of Trump! Okay, that said, I have been thinking about getting one of these TV's, and I've seen a lot of reviews and videos about them, but your's (by far) has been the MOST informative and still easy to understand (I'm not much of a techie person) I am subscribing to your channel. Great review!

  2. [insert cheesy quote here] Its ya boi

    Is this 4k? Can i use this for gaming on a ps4?

  3. jimmy cychowski

    looking at getting a hisense n7 or a tcl x2 in a 65 inch size any thoughts? by the way im in Australia

  4. how can i go to settings for 4k

  5. Pretty Boy Flizzy

    This or Samsung mu6120

  6. Are you a robot?

  7. Hisense H65N6800UK Iam thinking of getting this tv is it a 10 Bit or should i go for a samsung

  8. Have you tested the Hisense H8c? I would like to know what the best calibrated settings are so that I can adjust my new 55H8c to the best picture quality.

  9. I have this tv but u can see theres a leyend in the box that says: 4k upscaling” how this tv upscaling ?

  10. Argos £479 for 55"

  11. Ok Hisense or Lg 4k
    Which one better? I got Xbox one x .. I can't afford no other brand , which one looks better

  12. Hello Vincent!!! Superb review…one more thing… does it have Mirracast connectivity? I've looked on specs at several retailers websites and couldn't determine. Thanks

  13. Can you please review the H8C?

  14. skip to 4:00 to the review

  15. Courtney Caldwell

    Quick question I have this same tv and i cant figure out how to get the picture ratio larger? How do you get rid of the black space around the tv picture? Im trying to get the full screen on my tv while im watching cable and for some reason i have black spaces around the picture please help

  16. I know this is unimportant but I like your sound and video quality

  17. Can you enlighten us as to a realistic prediction of OLED pixel half-life and failure rates? Will LG bring back OLED 3D in 2018 (spectacular 3D without the literal eyestrain and headaches I experience with traditional 3D LED utilizing shutter lenses)?

  18. Thanks. Can't wait for the review.

  19. I was surprised that you featured a TV in the "affordable for most people" category. Thanks for doing that

    If you can check the claim that " Hisense’s Motion Estimation/Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology actively reduces on screen motion blur of fast moving objects by rendering extra frames, meaning even the most rapid of movements appears smooth and realistic" when playing games that would be nice .

    see http://www.icxm.net/x/what-your-tv-needs-to-make-most-of-xbox-one-x.html

  20. Hi Vincent, can you please check light bleed on this TV in dark room, also angle viewing. I have this and bleed is bad same colour looks different depending on the angle from which I look at it, it could be mine TV only but can you please check.

    Do let us have the settings you come with.


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