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Hisense Roku TV Review



  1. Have you tested out the other Roku TVs such as TCL, Sharp and Insignia?

  2. Elizabeth Boston

    Thanks for the review on the tv so how do you connect to phone via screen mirroring

  3. can u use Miracast from your computer or your Android phone on this TV?

  4. Is there a dvd slot in this tv?

  5. how wide left to right on 40 inch

  6. does the videos and tv show entire screen?

  7. get the roku app great for changing channels

  8. does it have place to type in satelite as a channel

  9. Hi, thanks for review, Let me know if its possible add extra channels or only The channel in the list you can use

  10. Torn between this smart TV and the Vizio 40 in smart one, how's this one treating you bro?? Any issues ? Overall thoughts on this budget beginner smart TV choice ? 

  11. nickctheundertaker

    Why don't you just use regular cable and control it with the cable remote like Fios/xfinity etc.

  12. Can you still use your regular cable box and with the hdmi and xbox with hdmi

  13. Jorge Alberto Flores Leyva

    When you set up your preferred apps, like Vudu, Amazon, etc, does it ask for a pin or password when somebody tries to rent or buy movies? 

  14. Great review! One question do you keep your playstation on all the time or it turns on when you select the app on the TV screen?

  15. I tried the TCL 40" last week and LOVED it! Only quibble I had was the edge lit screen… Does this one use edge lighting, too? I'll go 48" if I gotta, but would love to get this if the lighting is better than the TCL I tried!

  16. Cool Channel! Did you "cut the cord"? I did and enjoy my Roku 3.

  17. Is there a way when you turn on the tv it will be set on say Cable tv or any other input instead of the Roku home?

  18. Good Video

  19. What's the model ID and is there a link where you purchased it? I'm curious about the price. Sorry if I missed any of this in the video.

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