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Horrible 4K tv, RCA 55″ 4K LED55G65RQ



  1. I´ve had this tv for over a year now and it´s been a great purchase. Very good image and has no dead pixels or anything,

  2. Toysoldier Thor

    Absolutely nothing wrong with what I am seeing for a 55" 4K under $500. I have the same one and I love it! And at this price point… people are crazy not to buy it.

  3. is it a true 4k?

  4. Relerford Relerford

    I purchased this sometime ago from Micro Center. I didn't do my homework. More of an impulse purchase. I don't watch it that much, but noticed pictured was not good. I read maybe its because I don't have 4k content to watch. I can't seem to get HD digital antenna to work either. I will sell it on Craigslist shortly for a couple hundred. My mistake.

  5. I've had this TV for 11 months and it has been superb. I'm sure for that price there are bound to be a bunch of lemons, but I guess I was lucky

    It does take a bit of tweaking to get decent color; the default settings look off

  6. Mauricio Espinoza-Toledo

    Never had an issue! I have this tv and went to the secret menu 1147 and made a couple chances and omg best graphics ever

  7. I love this TV, especially for the price. Maybe yours was faulty or something. It does need some tweaking from default, that's what google is for.

  8. Stephanie Savoie

    dont touch the screen btw i have the same one and mine has good picture perhaps u got a default .

  9. IT's NOT a pc! You won't notice this stuff when watching a movie, especially the "flex"

  10. I bought one 2 months ago and other than the channel changes taking 2 seconds or so, I have had no problem with it. Excellent picture quality.

  11. Go into the special settings.
    Press Menu
    Press 1147
    Somewhere in there is the actual backlight brightness. 0 is ultra-bright, 100 is dim. 80ish is where it should be.
    No longer question / regret purchase.

  12. Bought mine and had zero problems. By far the best 4k deal out there. $8 per inch is impossible to best right now. Got the Amazon fire box and I stream 4k.

  13. I just saw this on sale today at Micro Center for $399. was considering actually buying it until I saw your movie. thanks for posting the movie. not so worried about the money but rather than the grief this would've caused me. thanks again.

  14. just got mine works good so far but I just use it for gaming and watching blue ray very easy to set up

  15. Can't expect the best for $400

  16. Doesn't look horrible when considering it's a 55 inch 4K tv for only 400$…

  17. man i just left micro center and you're you returned it next day. my 60" lg went out and they never fixed it. the store i went to is garbage.

  18. Try this bro

    "This was a pain to tweak but these settings seem to work for me for the majority of material I've been watching with varying degrees of lighting as well as high contrast scenes. The biggest issues were pinkish reds, inaccurate skin tones, and loss of details.

    Go to the service menu by pressing menu and 1147. Turn down the backlight and adjust the gamma. Go to Other, and turn down backlight to 50 and change gamma to 1.0 gamma.

    From the main menu, Picture:
    Brightness 57
    Contrast 40
    Color 43
    Tint 53
    Sharpness 10
    Noise reduction Off
    Dynamic contrast Off"

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