1. For mine it doesn't do it, it just says reset enter your security no.

  2. I have a 40' Sharp Aquos 3-d tv and I keep having a problem with the pop up TV description banner. The banner pops up every so often and have to continuously keep pressing exit to clear it. Would just like it to stop but can't figure out how. Anyone know what to do here to resolve this small issue? Other than that I'm very pleased with this TV.

  3. hi so my aunt has one of those old TVs the one with that was out before LCD but her son lock with a password ( I didn't even know you could do that with those) anyways he locked it and i want to know how would i reset that lock?

  4. hey tengo un oleviarc-ltu lcd y se me olvido el passwoord the parentals control,,,,
    como puedo reseterar y quitar el passwoord? por favor nesecito que me ayude algien que sepa.

  5. This helped out a lot. About to restart my tv that I brought my man. Lol.

  6. My tv goes off after a few seconds when I switch it on why is this happening?

  7. I have a sharp led smart tv and the power light blinks but picture don't come up only blank screen can anyone help me

  8. hi guys, how to unlock xflat sharp tv? the screen is showing a padlock meaning it is lock i can't get access to the menu screen

  9. have a sharp 40 inch aqous tv and does not power on..the power light flashes 1 blink at a time??

  10. Cristina Marinas



  11. Thank you for posting this. :)

  12. sharp model lc-26sb27ut , stay in stand by only  red led on,

  13. sorry my sharp lc70 le735m is not coming power pls help me

  14. my sharp lc le735m is completely dead pls help me

  15. my sharp is completely dead

  16. Per sbaglio o premuto un tasto del telecomando della TV si sente ma non si vede potete aiutarmi grazie

  17. Hey Paul,
    I have a Sharp Aquos LC70C7500U. I had no power so I replaced the power supply. Now I am receiving Error code that has 2 short blinks and then 5 fast blinks. I downloaded the Service Manual which indicates this to be "DET_PNL12V Failure (L). Panel power is not applied." Not sure if this indicates a failed power supply or a T-Con board or perhaps the main board. Will you please provide guidance?

  18. anybody have any a/v sync problems watching live tv on 60inch quattron smart?

  19. That's really interesting…. our 70" SHARP Aquos has the controls on the opposite side of the TV…. But my issue is that once everything resets, the TV won't automatically acquire the IP address info.

  20. My problem ,the font size doubled all of a sudden .How do i get it back to normal size?

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