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INSANE Gaming on 65-inch 4K TV!!!



  1. Foxyz Belanger

    Ur dumb, sony is better , i want 120hz u hoe not that bubu samsung

  2. 4k sucks I got 12k :)

  3. The glare was really major

  4. look someone is living my dream!

  5. Best Android Gameplay

    What camera you use to record this video? 🙂
    My next tv will be 65" and i play games on ps4, i hope will be ok…

  6. Want a good game monitor?
    Fuck 4k, buy a BenQ xl2720z

  7. super video

  8. Emanuel Martinez

    anyone play ps4 games onda this tv?

  9. 4k only go for SONY

  10. Lucas Alfonso Leguizamón

    Yeah lots of inches but where's G Sync and 144hz

  11. StillFreshhhKen

    I miss the refresh rate info can someone Fill Me In?

  12. Paramesh Subramoni

    You kids are spoilt these days

  13. nice. i love gaming on my 32 inch tv for ps4

  14. still prefer a 26" tv for gaming

  15. Holy fu#k I want this.

  16. i mostly play games, so i'll stick to 1440p, 144hz, freesync for now. not going back to 60hz even if it's 8k

  17. Himanshu Besoya

    And costs 6000$ in India

  18. X BOX and 65 Call ? Is fake x shit box only 1080p but PC And SLI is very good idea :)

  19. these TVs r down to a little over a grand now brand new …I sell them

  20. Five inches more and that would be the size of my television

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