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  1. Kaoshanti Nickelson

    Just got me one and im so excited to use it!!

  2. +Roku
    Going this weekend to best buy to check it out. Do you have to have subscriptions to Netflix ect to watch movies or just have WiFi? Thank you

  3. Derek Boehning Anderson

    The TV is not controlling my blu ray player as advertised. It recognizes the blu ray player but won't control it after switching inputs. Any known compatibility issues with Sony blu-ray players??

  4. Ta'Niqua Whitfield

    I'm getting this TV for Christmas and I am supper excited

  5. MaximumGameplay

    Ok here is my verdict , if you are Canadian , you will find many amazing streaming app not available for you , thus i am very disappointed .all you get is youtube netflix and the standart apps , not even shomi i mean WTF Roku ?

  6. MaximumGameplay

    Can you please suggest any models (1080p Smart function) for a budget around 350 to 450$?

  7. If you want to play video or photo files from a usb flash drIve on this tv or any other Roku smart tv, do this:
    Go to STREAMING CHANNELS from the Home screen.
    In the Search field, type in ROKU MEDIA PLAYER.
    Follow the instructions to add it to your home screen.
    Plug your flash drive into the usb port.
    Click on the ROKU MEDIA PLAYER tile on your home screen.
    Select the video icon to access videos on your flash drive. Select the photo icon to view photos on your flash drive.
    According to the user manual, only video files in the .mkv, .mp4, and .mov format can be played on this tv using the usb port. Surprisingly, this tidbit of information requiring to install the Roku media player is not explained in the user manual!

  8. best tv ive had

  9. I just got my order. WOW! I've been a Samsung and LG customer for 10 years and this TV exceeded my expectation. Very crisp picture and quality and very good sound quality! Thanks. 

  10. Got it yesterday and LOVE it!

  11. Good picture quality??

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