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LG 40UB8000 4K TV Review & First Impressions



  1. whats the MS timing

  2. just get 970 980 980ti

  3. abdellah maghfour


  4. Tees Maar Khan

    is 2560×1440 at 60hz possible through hdmi 1.4

  5. does this monitor have any displayport 1.2 compatability? what if I got a hdmi 2.0 to displayport 1.2 adapter or something?

  6. melissa barretta

    Pretty helpful review, thanks for posting this!

  7. its 3k not 4k its work in rgbw

  8. Hi im using 32 sony w700b as my daily computing…. The problem is it hurts my eyes a lot my eyes burns after sitting in front of it for 30 min. If i plan to buy this tv as a daily pc monitor is it going to be the same thx….

  9. Great video thanks!

  10. hello friend, I apologize for the question, 1. You played with PS3, PS4 and Xbox one or some of these video games, tv responds very well to these consoles? 2. Youtube navigation is fast? thanks for answering. God bless dude!! Thank you.

  11. To help with the mouse lag on this monitor at full resolution I installed 'Smoothmouse' for OS X , it helps a lot. Also, even at full resolution text looks bad. Computer monitors are viewed up closer than a television. The resolution needs to be higher for a larger screen. There's a reason Apple went with 5K instead of 4k with their iMac line.
    4K on a large monitor looks great sitting on the sofa watching a movie but reading articles & surfing the web up close on a monitor like this sucks. Its not sharp and you can see the pixels.
    Overall I regret buying this. The technology just isn't there yet for 30" inch or larger computer monitors.

  12. so i was just thinking what frame rate can you get if you drop the resolution down to 3k. i seen at 3:22 there was a resolution option of 2560 x 1600, not 3k but close enough. just was curious to know how it would run at those settings, would be great if you could test this out and reply the results. also great vid by the way

  13. Ordered mine last week, not too bothered about webOS2 because I won't really be using the web on it as I will be using my Sony 5200 sound system and my Xbox for things like that, and for £390 it was as cheap as a bog standard 1080p TV 

  14. Michael Harris

    In a typical word processing type situation (black text on white background), particularly at 4K, do you see color fringing on/around the text? Thanks.

  15. Вадим Кисляченко

    which mac do you use?

  16. keep it up man u r good

  17. Hi I own this TV and one thing jus bugs me, it said that the tv was 120hz BUT when you open the tv you see it's written 60 Hz now is it false advertisement or what?

  18. Hey thanks everyone for the great comments. Sorry that ive not been posting. Broke my wrist but its healing up now so I will be doing more videos soon. Its been a few months so if anyone has any question please feel free to ask.

  19. Is this a good tv to use it as a monitor? I want to buy a new gaming pc, and I want to buy a tv…. Don`t want to spend more on electric invoices so I have discarted the "eyefinity" or "sorround"…. 
    Is this tv good to play with no delay at 4k on pc?
    Please answer!!

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