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LG 49″ 4K 3D Super UHD TV | 49UH850T | Full Review | Unboxing | India



  1. Hi Tech virus, I want to buy this tv.
    can i open 3d content from pendrive?
    Is it compatible for all video formats like .mp4, .mkv etc…?

  2. Hello Sr, have this model the Lg multi view featur?

  3. I'm actually thinking to take XBOX ONE S or XBOX SCORPIO hope it that good the review was good thanks 🙂 I wish to buy this hope it comes with a reasonable price now.

  4. Does this TV work with MXQ PRO ANDROID or not????

  5. Does this TV work with MXQ PRO ANDROID or not????

  6. Plz. I want to know the ram and storage of the tv. Will i l be able to play asphalt 8 on this tv plzzz reply tech virus i want to buy the tv

  7. Can we connect 4k bluray player to this TV? And any idea if the 4k bluray player (Samsung K-8500) also upscales the videos from hard-drive connected apart from bluray disk?

  8. Does it pixalate while playing 1080p Blu Ray file from hard-drive?

  9. did anyone get gift from him ……..?

  10. Please tell me on how to pairing the remote to your tv, Im having a trouble to pairing my magic remote to tv. I have same tv but 60" 4k 3d…. I would appreciate your advice

  11. Srinivasa Rao S.N.V.

    Would like to know any analysis done about the HDD capacity it will detect

  12. showing a ps3 game for 4k lol come on now

  13. vikrant bhardwaj

    Which one is better sony kd 49x8300d or this one

  14. Excellent review

  15. wessam faisall

    Thank you for that beautiful review

  16. Yashwanth Ravula

    Whats the ram size? Having only 650mb internal storage will it be future proof?

  17. Yashwanth Ravula

    We are planning to buy this Tv , but Im concerned with the webOS. I doubt that it wont have many applications? I also came to know that it cant install KODI which is a very useful application.Now Iam in a dilemma whether to buy this TV or move to sony for android.

  18. Went to an LG store want to buy the same 4k 3d lg tv but when i tried connecting my iphone via airplay it was unable to detect the TV … i know there r certain apps with which one can have limited sharing of pics,videos to the tv .
    But i am looking for a proper screen mirroring like you can do on an apple tv . Can u help me here .
    Plus is the upscaling of normal tv channels to 4k bad or not much difference.
    Plz do let me know … thanks


  20. Joseph Wingate

    is this tv still good to get right now?

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