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LG 55 Inch 4K Smart TV (55UH6030) Review



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  3. just bought this. hooking it up now!

  4. TheStandingsquid

    When I use multiview I want to be able to watch tv and play ps4(both hdmi) at the same time but it only lets me use HDMI on one side. Help?

  5. How does this game work for games? Low input lag?

  6. do you have any picture setting suggestions

  7. Dangelocisneros23

    Can you please help I have this exact tv and an Xbox one s and for some reason I cannot activate hdr I've tried everything messed with the tv settings and nothing I'm not sure if this tv is compatible with the new xbox

  8. Does this TV work with the Magic Remote?

  9. How do you access the multi view? And have you had and problems with a pink screen flashing when you turn it on? Mine does it and I don't know why. I need to call and have them service it.

  10. How you you compare this TV vs Sony XBR55x805c

  11. How is it compare to Sony XBR55x805c??

  12. Mark is Infamous

    Is is good for gaming like on PS4 pro?

  13. Seems decent.

  14. I have this same TV in a 49HD6030 and you can see my indepth review at ghostfightter and Im loving this tv and I never had one problem with it and haven owned it for around 3 months now and you can get this tv at walmart but it will noy be 120hz!!!

  15. Nicholas Mireles

    Where does it say this TV is HDR? I've looked on many websites and they say this TV does not have HDR?

  16. Nice review m8

  17. Been hearing a lot of complaints about backlight what's up with that can it be fixed

  18. Does it have vivid and cinema setting

  19. Hey bud what picture settings do you have can you give me the settiing

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