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LG 55EA9800 Curved OLED TV Review



  1. For god's sake just buy Panasoic's ZT or VT or ST or GT60 and enjoy!

  2. The flat oled is the best tv ever at the moment. 

  3. Fuck! Watching the walking death in this one must be awesome!😍

  4. Bruh what's up with the "almost plasma quality" comparisons?? The picture quality of OLED is miles better than any plasma TV out there. And the 4k version of this TV is OUT. (http://televisions.reviewed.com/content/lg-65ec9700-4k-oled-tv-first-impressions-review) ..just give it some time for that 10 thousand dollar price tag to dwindle down for the rest of us.

  5. The Surreal Vapist

    4K is worthless when nothing is in 4K yet. This TV wins my vote for best set on the market right now. I would buy this over a 4K at half the price. OLED looks phenomenally better than the archaic LCD/LED TV. Its basically the quality of plasma but with a longer life expectancy

  6. XxLiveFromTheGrave

    Just seen one for $9,000
    No thank you -__- 

  7. fat tony D'Amico

    Just a gimmick 

  8. wait for a 4K OLED in 6 yrs for a reasonable price

  9. "on par with plasma"
     what? how about "destroys every other screen ever created, compromising on neither contrast nor brightness"

  10. curve is annoying make my wall and desk look curve. the image quality was great but the curve shape  kill it, I just gave away. 

  11. A 5,000 Dollars tv with dead pixels? Haha.

  12. Give me 70" flat 4K OLED and take my money!

  13. put a solar panel on the rear side and it's CO2 neutral;), it only uses something like 130 Watt an LCD of the same size uses around 450 Watt.
    I still hope that they will change the diods to laser diods onevi day, and that the screen will be curved further for a better viewer expierience, this what also bee the solution to the million dollar problem with 3D screen without the use of glasses.

  14. saw this in person very cool allthough laser view still have more colour

  15. Good video, just subscribed.

  16. curved is the future of NOTHING (neither tv's, nor smartphones), curved only works for shit thrones and stuff. curved offers nothing to the viewing experience, it just makes feel the owner go like "omfg mine dick is 1000 times huger than yours because i own a curved tv/phone so i am imba", well people have been producing curved turds for millenia.

  17. Until oled sorts out its problems. The best picture out there is vt/zt plasmas.

  18. bryan timothy bautista

    LG OLED 8.3pixel, LG with IPS panel knock the screen then knock samsung screen & see the difference between them.. nice LG (y)

  19. To those saying "Stop saying Plasma", currently Plasma display panels offer the best black levels, color accuracy, motion resolution, and contrast res.  There is no LED/LCD on the market than can compete with the panasonic VT/ZT60, samsung f8500, or Pioneer Kuros in any of these catagories.  The Sharp Elite LED/LCD from 2011 only manage to match the 50" Pioneer kuros in black level, but lost out in everything else, and has long since been discontinued.

  20. tem que mostrar as conectividades

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