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  1. you can only see this vertical bands all over the screen (4 or 5 of them) when watching grey colors like fog or clouds on the sky. but you need to be at least at 3 feet away from the screen in order to notice them. the only solution i found is to increase backlight and bands disapear. but thus can cause another problem that could burn some spots of the screen when watching some non moving images for long periods of time

  2. +Gian Carlo Barretto Thanks for your well done review on this LG 55EG9100 OLED TV. My question is about the Magic Remote. Does it have a 'freeze-frame' button? I like to be able to freeze the TV screen when info comes across that I want to write down. Please let me know if you or anyone else out there can tell me. Thanks in advance.

  3. Federico Ferro

    Is there a huge difference between this and the 9300 (2014 model) or shall I buy the 9300? ($350 cheaper here!!) Thanks a lot!

  4. I don't know if its due to the camera recording but I see a lot of ghosting on the tv.

  5. Cassiano Bizotto

    Gian Carlo Barreto
    hy! my name is Cassiano, from Brazil, I'm looking for a new TV to buy and have 3 options, one would be the TV LG EC9300 OLED 55 inch which is this video, the other option would be to android sony tv 4k 55 inch with Triluminos technology lED and the third option would be samsung 55 inch screen curved nano crystal, then friend in your opinion what would be the best alternative for me? what matters most is fast screen, vibrant colors, strong black tone image with brightness and contrast, the rate of rapid updating, the disadvantage of this OLED LG is not having the 4k.

  6. How do the blacks compare to plasmas? (I own a Pioneer plasma) This TV is still pretty expensive here in Japan though..

  7. This is my tv, i guess this tv is the best option in 2016, because improvements lg made in picture quality for 2016 sets are subtle, plus i don`t care about near black uniformity, the only thing i`m gonna truly be missing is : { magic zoom and multi-view features } but the more elegant design of this tv may give me an alternative .

  8. best buy have this great tv for sale in a great offer. its only $1277. cant believe how cheap it is.

  9. Mark Henderson

    Nice review, and thanks for that.

  10. i would like to know if this amazing tv has twitch tv app integrated, so i can watch streaming vídeos ?

  11. I agree on everything you said, I've got the model before this one the 9300 I'm in love with my tv. At least my eyes are. Best decision I made. I had gotten the Samsung suhd and took it back to get the 9300. If you look at the tvs the led just can't hang with the oled no matter how hard they try. And I'm telling you they really put a ton of effort in the Samsung. I'm not exactly sure why they shyd away from the oled. I did get the 5 year warranty because the technology is still so new to us laymen folk. So if something goes wrong within 5 years I'm getting another oled tv probably newer model for sure by then. Anyway you are the man for posting this. Oled rules!!! Listen young grasshoppers, you won't ever be as happy and you'll always be second guessing yourself if you go get the 4K now instead of the oled. The difference between real HD and the stuff they sold us a generation ago saying stuff was true HD we got took back then. Cheek out what true HD really can be. Straight up

  12. I paid 1400 brand-new in the box gr8 deal!!

  13. 1299 on Ebay right now, it's a hot sale going on!

  14. grandmasterburn

    Hi Gian, thanks for your awesome review. It really inspired me think about buying this TV!! 2 questions:
    1) How far do you sit away from the TV. From the video it seems that you are sitting very close to it? But maybe that is the zoom of the camera.
    2) Have you experienced any judder with the TV? Other reviews claim some judder in very slow motion driven content.
    Thanks in advance!

  15. Can you please tell us the settings on this tv, because i have one and it doesn't look half as good as yours

  16. why does the colour intensity/saturation of the green snake appear to change between 7:09 and 7:16?

  17. Libby Orendorff

    Thanks for the great review. Have you tried vudu streaming by any chance? Most of my movies are on Vudu I'm HDX quality

  18. victoria rodriguez

    I like this tv. can you let me know if you can get skype on it. cant trust what the representatives say. brought 2 samsung tv back

  19. Jose Carlos Correa

    what is you, setup image…?

  20. I really appreciate this video. BUT I have to wonder if the camera [you're using to recored this video] let's us down. I mean how the camera handles sound and light.

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