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LG 65″ OLED TV: 65EG9600 | Is OLED Epic? Full Review



  1. Why do you have an idiot beard, you look like a jihad asshole. Shave it dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Smart TV=Dumb user
    Dumb TV=Smart user

  3. Grigoryev Mihail

    LG G4 does not have an OLED screen. The LG Flex does.
    And about the input lag said in the video, you have to make sure that LG motion blur technology is turned off. If you're using "gaming" preset for picture settings it should be off by default.

  4. the other problem i have is banding, i notice this banding when watching clouds or when walking in dungeons and watch fog, the banding is there and is so annoying

  5. when playing pc games on my lg eg9100 oled tv i dont know which calibration to use, does anyone helps me?

  6. "from now on everythinh have to be 4k"… except for your own fucking videos…

  7. I want to see the tv, not you.

  8. whats the difference between lg eg9200 and lg eg9600?

  9. i would get the curved but the curved version only has hdr through streaming while the non curved has hdr through connected devices too

  10. Salieri Amadeus

    But who watches the watching TV?

  11. Matthew Tarbard

    'If I got a TV, I would have wanted one with a screen'… Look at Logan asking for the world.

  12. you're review wasn't that great. Would have been nice if you had shown the tv a bit more.

  13. That panel IPS?

  14. Flat over curved any day when it comes to tvs

  15. Andreas Lindhé

    I'm glad you got this. :)

  16. is there a NON curved version? whats the model number?

  17. Wonder if they actually stopped harvesting data when people turn it off thanks to being caught before.

  18. An ultrawide curved OLED TV of that size would be really awesome for watching movies .

  19. Richard Maximus

    Knights of Sidonia. YES!

  20. When are we going to get OLED PC monitors?

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