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LG 65EF950V Flat 4K Ultra HD OLED TV Review



  1. I need this TV in my life, but it cost more than my car..

  2. If you are in the mood to empty out your checking account this is perfect for you.

  3. Is this the exact same as the 55EG960 aside from it being flat? I can't see any reference to it being HDR compatible either, but I understand it is?

  4. Finally!!!

  5. you had me until you pointed out those three negatives. is 3d picture quality crisp or does it have a ghost effect or halo around everything?

  6. Patrik Gårdewall

    Great Review and credits for picking up the faults that some are trying to smooth over.

    just some question if you still have the tv available.
    you got 125cd/m2 on a full white field with max brightness right.

    if you set peak brightness to 120cd/m2 how much will a 100% white field be then?
    just curions if these have the same ABL dimming as the 2013 models.

    on those you only got around 50-60cd/m2 on a white field IF peak brightness was set to 120cd/m2
    that will give a picture with alot of gamma changes depending on how bright a scene is.

  7. Chris Purolover

    Nice TV for sure.

  8. The devil could get a lot of souls if he included one of those in the contract.

  9. EU LG tvs are made in Poland :)

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