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LG EF9500 TV – Review



  1. Leslie Chevalier

    What floorstanding speakers are those?

  2. lg is a shit shady company.

  3. At 55" is 4k worth the extra money compared to the 1080 LG oled tv?

  4. psykosonikwarrior

    This is an incredible tv. I absolutely love my Panasonic VT60 plasma and there hasn't been another display I thought looks better until this EF9500 model OLED, but honestly this is the first OLED I would take over my plasma without a second thought. Too bad I don't have the $5000 to get it.

  5. You're Amaziog. What's up,% regret spicy 1!

  6. I think he said this "sad to see the TV leaving" before when he reviewed another tv 1 or 2 months ago…

  7. Wow, didn't even know a newer wider color gamut OLED was coming from LG next year. Guess I'll wait to buy it along with a new HDR player as well. Thanks!

  8. where's the review on the LG55eg9100?

  9. where's the review on the LG55eg9100?

  10. Shedrick Johnson

    Did you see any yellow stain on this model. 

  11. What brand are your speakers? They are beauties. Thanks.

  12. Kasper170395101

    hi Caleb, how is the motion handling one this tv, i know there was a little problem, on the curved oled you reviewed

  13. The Panasonic one is even better!

  14. Κωνσταντίνος Δήμος

    so this is the EG9600, without the curve? what are the differencies?

  15. washington luis

    Hi Nice vídeo got one question . Jut checking fill 4K TVs and when watching 4K videos from YouTube and you press the info on the screen it says the image is only 1920×1080 p that is correct ???? Thanks

  16. Freedo Escalade

    Why haven't you posted the calibration settings for the Samsung js9500. Digital Trend is the best

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