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LG Electronics 55UF6800 55″ 4K Ultra HD LED TV Review



  1. The TV doesn't come with the magic remote. You have to buy it separately. I just read a couple of reviews that make that clear. I don't know how much you have to pay for the magic remote but it's supposed to be a terrific remote, built especially for this tv and a few other models, and well worth the price. I have no idea if that's true or not, I'm just going by what I read. I actually like that the TV sells without the remote, because I have a Logitech remote and I hate that I've paid for half a dozen remotes for other devices that just go in a drawer, never again to see the light of day. It's nice that LG give me the option to save a little money. And I WOULD suggest a Logitech programmable remote. The Harmony 650 is great for regular users, the Harmony Companion and Ultimate One are good but more designed to let you use your smart phone as a remote, and the Harmony Elite is VERY expensive so really just for the power user or if your grandparents left you a big inheritance. I have a Harmony One and I use it for EVERYTHING! Even my video camera and my PS3. Sorry, I know this looks like a commercial for Logitech, but it's not. I just love mine. And, if you have family members who are technologically challenged (like my mother and my daughter) you can program the remote to turn on all the right components for watching the PVR, or the Blu-Ray player, or the WDTV Live, even my Apple TV. You can even program macros to open the PVR search list or turn on the closed-captions. If my mother can figure it out, your DOG will be able to watch his favourite program!

  2. Aaron Kernaghan

    Is this tv Bluetooth ready ?

  3. Christian washington

    Neither did mine guys WTF

  4. mine either… hmm i just purchased it and setup.. im scratching my head like wtf!!

  5. My tv didn't come with a magic remote and it's the exact same model.

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